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NOUN   a stock solution | stock solutions
stock solution
Stammlösung {f}
stock solution
Stocklösung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'stock solution' von Englisch nach Deutsch

stock solution
Stammlösung {f}chem.

Stocklösung {f}chem.
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  • Other values may be used to determine a precise concentration of a stock solution.
  • Kathon is supplied as a concentrated stock solution containing from 1.5 to 15% of CMIT/MIT.
  • FDA stock solution is prepared by dissolving 5 mg of fluorescein diacetate in 1 ml acetone, and sucrose may be added for live cell viability testing.
  • TAE buffer is commonly prepared as a 50× stock solution for laboratory use.
  • The archival Gold Protective Solution (GP-1) formula uses a 1% gold chloride stock solution with sodium or potassium thiocyanate.
  • On June 30, 2018, the SCTP received two locomotives and 50 wagons from the African firm ARSS (African-Rolling Stock Solution).
  • Before use, 5 ml glacial acetic acid is added to 100 ml of the solution. Both the stock solution and the complete Zenker fixative are stable for many years.
  • By injecting a specified amount of concentrated fertilizer into the device, the injector mixes this into what is called a stock solution.
  • His original recipe was one ounce of thymol crystals dissolved in five fluid ounces of surgical spirit to make the stock solution.
  • Stock solution may be made up in tap water though 'purified water' is preferred as helps with the short stability of the working solution. Do not use battery top-up water.
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