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stocks ofVorrat {m} an [+Dat.]
stocks ofVorräte {pl} an [+Dat.]
3 Wörter
accretion of stocksZunahme {f} der Aktien
appreciation of stocksHöherbewertung {f} des Lagerbestands
appreciation of stocksHöherbewertung {f} der Lagerbestände
block of stocks
Aktienpaket {n}
delivery of stocksAnlieferung {f} von Waren
dilution of stocks
Verwässerung {f} des Aktienkapitals
fall of stocks
Fallen {n} der Aktienkurse
index of stocks
Aktienindex {m}
insurance of stocks
Versicherung {f} von Lagerbeständen
par of stocksEffektenparität {f}
revaluation of stocksNeubewertung {f} der Vorräte
stocks of coalBestände {pl} an Kohle
stocks of foodLebensmittelvorräte {pl}
stocks of knowledgeWissensschätze {pl}
valuation of stocksBewertung {f} des Lagerbestands
volume of stocksBestandsvolumen {n}
volume of stocksUmfang {m} der Bestände
volume of stocksUmfang {m} der Warenvorräte
4 Wörter
building up of stocksErrichtung {f} von Vorräten
deposit of stocks / securities
Wertpapierhinterlegung {f}
fall of / in stocks
Aktiensturz {m}
forced liquidation of stocksNotverkäufe {pl}
issue (of stocks / bonds)
Effektenemission {f}
stocks of the game
Wildstände {pl}
5+ Wörter
laying in of emergency stocks Notbevorratung {f} [Amtssprache] [Anlegen von Notvorräten]
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  • Risk arbitrage typically involves buying and selling the stocks of two or more merging companies to take advantage of market discrepancies between acquisition price and stock price.
  • Soddy wrote that financial debts grew exponentially at compound interest but the real economy was based on exhaustible stocks of fossil fuels.
  • Despite these measures, Iran managed to significantly increase its stocks of spare parts, increasing the number of airworthy Tomcats, although as it did not manage to obtain spare parts for the aircraft's weapon systems, the number of combat ready Tomcats was still low (seven in 2008).
  • The economy of the city of Cordova, Alaska was adversely affected after the spill damaged stocks of salmon and herring in the area.
  • The next step in development was stocks of the shape that would later be used for firearms, which allowed better aiming.
  • Distribution has historically been a problem for the comic book industry with many mainstream retailers declining to carry extensive stocks of the most interesting and popular comics.
  • Farmers from North Dakota to Virginia were caught flat with fields unharvested, what grain that had been harvested unmilled, and their suddenly all-important winter stocks of wood fuel only partially collected.
  • Although the disease has been eliminated in the wild, frozen stocks of smallpox virus are still maintained by the governments of the United States and Russia.
  • 59 when available stocks of the Italian licence-built version of the Daimler-Benz DB 605 engine ran short.
  • For many years, large budget pictures shot anamorphically used reserve stocks of 70 mm film for SFX shots involving CGI or blue-screen compositing as the anamorphic format creates problems with said effects.
  • In January 2009, it announced the closure of all of its Japanese plants for 11 days to reduce output and stocks of unsold vehicles.
  • It includes the stocks of the county and the duchy Württemberg until 1806, the Württemberg central authorities of the 19th and 20th century and the early 19th century as a result of media coverage of fallen Württemberg gentlemen and imperial cities in South Württemberg.
  • Surviving Marlin Ballards are today highly prized by collectors, especially those mounted in the elaborate Swiss-style "Schützen" stocks of the day.
  • One of the first steps in applying NPT safeguards is for the IAEA to verify the initial stocks of uranium and plutonium to ensure that all the nuclear materials in the country have been declared for safeguards purposes.
  • Widespread civil disorder followed allegations that some government ministers were misappropriating stocks of food aid and accused Diori of consolidating power.
  • The transport and other logistic requirements have led many armies to adopt wheeled APCs when their existing stocks of tracked APCs require replacement.
  • Vespucci returned to Spain with stocks of cotton and brazilwood from the island and described houses built into the ocean.
  • To defend against being boarded, "Mary Rose" carried large stocks of melee weapons, including pikes and bills; 150 of each kind were stocked on the ship according to the Anthony Roll, a figure confirmed roughly by the excavations.
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