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VERB   to stoke | stoked | stoked
stoking | stokes
stoked {adj} [sl.]begeistert
stoked {adj} [sl.] [with drugs]
stoked {adj} {past-p} [sl.]hingerissen
sb. stokedjd. schürte
to be stoked about sth. [sl.]von etw. wahnsinnig begeistert sein [ugs.]
to be stoked for sb./sth. [sl.]von jdm./etw. wahnsinnig begeistert sein [ugs.]
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  • Some art historians have suggested that Rivera's patron Edsel Ford stoked the controversy to generate publicity about the artwork. An exhibit at DIA in 2015 explored this theory.
  • Songkhla was not initially affected by the outbreak of Pattani Separatism, which began in 2004. However, bombs planted in 2005 and 2007 stoked fears the insurgency might spread to Songkhla province.
  • He stoked another controversy aftermath the Maulana Azad Library issues by banning The Times of India at the university campus which reported about the library issue at the first hand.
  • At one stage, to pay the rent on their room, Grainer and his wife had to work as caretakers of a large block of London flats where he stoked two large boilers, morning and night, whilst Margot washed stairs and cleaned rooms.
  • In 2015, Oram stoked a controversy by equating Sarnaism with Hinduism.
  • Ibn Sharaf and Ibn Rashīq were rival poets at his court. He is said to have stoked their rivalry.
  • "Utusan" frequently stoked racist sentiments with provocative headlines championing the Dasar Ekonomi Baru and Ketuanan Melayu.
  • An outspoken politician with a blue-collar working background, Sandberg has stoked controversy on numerous occasions, and has been described, by former party chairman Carl I.
  • The discovery stoked fears among scientists about other unknown faults that could be triggered by oil and gas wastewater being injected deep underground.
  • Local elites stoked fears of retaliation to prevent open discussion of events.
  • A series of controversial fare hikes during the financial crisis of 2007–2008 again stoked calls for a fixed link.
  • This included her propulsion being changed from three coal and oil stoked boilers to two oil stoked boilers, her torpedo tubes being removed and depth charge throwers and smoke screen machines being fitted.
  • their interest in making such an album stoked by their recent collaboration with Franz Ferdinand.
  • He stoked a controversy by saying Christians did not participate in freedom movement. Allege corruption in utilization of open spaces.
  • It was in Paris he encountered the Mandaean religion record books, as well as several Syriac manuscripts. This stoked his interest in oriental studies.
  • Pančochová came out as gay in an interview with Outsports in 2017. She said she was "stoked" to discuss it publicly but also said it was "really not a big deal" anymore.
  • Xenophobia stoked during the COVID-19 pandemic caused a steep decline in customers, as malicious people spread rumors about Chinese-Americans in Houston.
  • In 1893, when he aged twenty-seven, De Marchi moved from Italy to Argentina, where he was involved with the Latin-American Anarchist movement that arose around the newspaper Umanità Nova, stoked by figures such as Pietro Gori and Errico Malatesta.
  • He often juxtaposed the fear stoked by the communist regime in Czechoslovakia and the highly free syntax of Czech language.
  • There is also a short story where Ed is interviewed for a news story. Ed's vanity is hugely stoked - until he sees the published result.
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