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ADJ   superluminal | more superluminal | most superluminal
superluminal {adj}superluminar
superluminal {adj}schneller als Licht
superluminal {adj}mit Überlichtgeschwindigkeit
superluminal speed
Überlichtgeschwindigkeit {f}
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  • In 1994, GRS 1915+105 became the first known galactic source that ejects material with apparent superluminal motion velocities.
  • They concluded that superluminal particles such as tachyons are therefore not allowed to convey signals.
  • Van Flandern supported Georges-Louis Le Sage's theory of gravitation, according to which gravity is the result of a flux of invisible "ultra-mundane corpuscles" impinging on all objects from all directions at superluminal speeds.
  • The word "tachyon" has become widely recognized to such an extent that it can impart a science-fictional "sound" even if the subject in question has no particular relation to superluminal travel (compare positronic brain).
  • Indeed, it manages to dissolve the problem altogether, inasmuch as there is no superluminal transportation of information involved in a Bell test experiment: the principle of locality is preserved inviolate for all observers.
  • TeVeS solves problems associated with earlier attempts to generalize MOND, such as superluminal propagation.
  • Radio observations using very-long-baseline interferometry have shown apparent superluminal motion in the blazar's jet.
  • These would allow superluminal communication, and for this reason are widely believed not to exist.
  • However, as the firewall lies inside the event horizon, no external superluminal signalling would be possible.
  • He was one of the first to propose that enormous black holes power quasars, and that superluminal astronomical observations can be explained as an optical illusion caused by an object moving partly in the direction of the observer.
  • Among other predicted effects is the superluminal propagation and vacuum Cherenkov radiation.
  • V4641 Sagittarii is a variable X-ray binary star system in the constellation Sagittarius. It is the source of one of the fastest superluminal jets in the Milky Way galaxy.
  • For more such indirect bounds on superluminal neutrinos, see [...].
  • It is generally denoted [...] (the Greek lowercase letter gamma). Sometimes (especially in discussion of superluminal motion) the factor is written as [...] (Greek uppercase-gamma) rather than [...].
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