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NOUN   a taiga forest | taiga forests
taiga forest
Taigawald {m}
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Übersetzung für 'taiga forest' von Englisch nach Deutsch

taiga forest
Taigawald {m}for.
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  • In the foothills and steep river valleys, there is some taiga forest.
  • The lower areas of the wilderness area are covered by a taiga forest of Scots pine.
  • In July 2010, the Putorana Reserve was inscribed on the World Heritage List as "a complete set of subarctic and arctic ecosystems in an isolated mountain range, including pristine taiga, forest tundra, tundra and arctic desert systems, as well as untouched cold-water lake and river systems".
  • Below the tundra is the vast taiga forest region.
  • The park encompasses extreme variations in terrain: precipitous alpine slopes ("Kodar" in the indigenous Evenks language means "steep"), over 570 alpine lakes, low-altitude glaciers, volcanoes, and an isolated small desert surrounded by taiga forest.
  • The Northeast Siberian taiga ecoregion (WWF ID: PA0605) is an area of "sparse taiga forest" between the Lena River and the Kolyma River in northeastern Siberia, Russia.
  • The habitat consists of taiga forest with luxurious lower vegetation.
  • A compelling example of this is the case of several cows which survived on their own in the taiga forest for three months in late 2011 in deep snows and temperatures reaching as low as –40 °C (–40 °F).
  • The breeding season is late May or June and the breeding habitat includes the taiga, forest to semi-desert where they build a nest in a tree or bush, laying two to six eggs.
  • Due to the boreal owl's shyness and evasive reaction to human activities, nocturnal habits and preferred inaccessible taiga forest habitat, it is rarely seen by humans.
  • Besides that, SOS/BirdLife Slovakia leased more than 150 ha of taiga forest in northern Slovakia in IBA/SPA Horná Orava, which is an important site for breeding black storks.
  • Feklistov Island is covered with taiga forest and has a [...] lake on its northern shore separated from the sea by a spit of land.
  • The shortest growing season is found at the northern taiga–tundra ecotone, where the northern taiga forest no longer can grow and the tundra dominates the landscape when the growing season is down to 50–70 days, and the 24-hr average of the warmest month of the year usually is [...] or less.
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