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takt time
Kundentakt {m}
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Übersetzung für 'takt time' von Englisch nach Deutsch

takt time
Kundentakt {m}econ.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The Ford production line approximates to an implementation of Takt time which gives enough time to perform the standard work.
  • When formation of a cell would be too difficult, a simple principle is applied in order to improve efficiencies and flow, that is, to perform processes in a specific location and gather materials to that point at a rate dictated by an average of customer demand (this rate is called the "takt" time).
  • Lean thinking at senior level creates leaner enterprises because sales increase through customer satisfaction with higher quality products or services, because cash improve as flexibility reduces the need for inventories or backlogs, because costs reduce through identifying costly policies that create waste at value-adding level, and because capital expenditure is less needed as people themselves invent smarter, leaner processes to flow work continuously at takt time without waste.
  • This ratio can be expressed for finished products at the end of the line and is referred to as Takt-Time.
  • Takt time is a borrowing of the Japanese word [...] , which in turn was borrowed from the German word " [...] ", meaning 'cycle time'.
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