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talar fracture
Talusfraktur {f}
talar fracture
Sprungbeinfraktur {f}
talar shelf [Sustentaculum tali]
Sustentaculum tali {n}
tibiotalar / tibio-talar articulation [Articulatio talocruralis] [true ankle joint]
Tibiotalargelenk {n}
tibiotalar / tibio-talar joint [Articulatio talocruralis] [true ankle joint]
Tibiotalargelenk {n}
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  • "När en flicka talar skånska" (When a girl speaks Scanian) written by the Ystad singer-songwriter Michael Saxell is a southern Swedish song and was made famous by the singer Danne Stråhed, who released it as a single in 1993.
  • The court (usually in the talar) of the house would usually be situated in the "andaruni".
  • Its slogan is "Alla talar Skånska" (Everyone speaks Scanian), meaning that all hosts talk the local dialect.
  • He has written words and music to Scanian classics Om himlen och Österlen and När en flicka talar skånska.
  • This is reflected in writing, and so one would more often encounter "talarðu" as opposed to the expanded form "talar þú".
  • Kemp suffered an articular talar injury requiring microfracture surgery to his talus bone.
  • It passes from the anterior margin of the fibular malleolus, passing anteromedially to insert at the lateral aspect of the talus at the talar neck , in front of its lateral articular facet.
  • By definition, a panjdari is a large room that is often flanked to the main talar of the house, and most often connected to a large balcony, where five large contiguous windows provide primary views to the main courtyard of the house.
  • Prefixed and compound words may be divided phonetically (corresponding to the above rules) or morphologically (the border between morphemes is considered a border between syllables): "bie-nestar" or "bien-estar", "inte-racción" or "inter-acción", "reins-talar" or "re-instalar".
  • The motions of the subtalar and transverse talar joints interact to make the foot either flexible or rigid.
  • The talar or talaar (...) is the throne hall of the Persian monarch that is open to the public.
  • On plain radiography, flat feet can be diagnosed and graded by several measures, the most important in adults being the talonavicular coverage angle, the calcaneal pitch, and the talar-1st metatarsal angle (Meary's angle).
  • Om hövisk kärlek som kvinnlig strategi" from 2012, and "När vi talar om oss själva" from 2018.
  • On weightbearing projectional radiography, pes cavus can be diagnosed and graded by several features, the most important being medial peritalar subluxation, increased calcaneal pitch (variable) and abnormal "talar-1st metatarsal angle" (Meary's angle).
  • Figure 6: Subtle anterior talar fracture in a 39-year-old man presenting with ankle pain after a fall.
  • He edited a number of publications in the series "Skrifter frå norsk målførearkiv" (Texts from the Norwegian Dialect Archives) and published the collection "Norske målføretekster" (Norwegian Dialect Texts) in 1963, followed by the collection "Artiklar og talar i utval" (Selected Articles and Lectures) in 1979.
  • The talar shelf is typically involved in subtalar or talocalcaneal tarsal coalition.
  • The existence of squatting facets on the distal tibia and talar articular surfaces of skeletons, which result from contact between the two bones during hyperdorsiflexion, have been used as markers to indicate if that person habitually squatted.
  • Generally, naviculectomy is a more tissue-friendly procedure in contrast to the more aggressive classic and extensive peri-talar soft tissue releases.
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