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NOUN   a taser | tasers
tasers [used as a generic term]
Taser {pl} [Gattungs­begriff für Elektroschockpistolen]
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  • In November 2007, King led Republican legislators in a letter to President George W. Bush prohibiting illegal immigrants from being detained at jails using tasers.
  • X26 Tasers are carried by some officers on all shifts and the department has made it a priority to acquire and issue tasers to all patrol officers.
  • Against possible riots, they are supplied with batons, tasers, pepper sprays and tear gas.
  • The Nevada Highway Patrol issues its officers a variety of non-lethal weapons, such as tasers, pepper spray, and a baton. The NHP also issues its troopers take-home cars.
  • However, tasers have become the preferred non-lethal weapon for most departments.
  • On 19 May 2022, Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that special constables would be able to carry tasers.
  • GRPD officers carry a number of less-lethal options, including pepper spray, collapsible batons, and tasers.
  • Donovan and Ramona enact their plan of vengeance. They reach the Cortez and prepare to kill the Countess, but Donovan, still in love with Elizabeth, traps Ramona in a blocked hallway and tasers her.
  • Under Indian Arms Act, 1956 stun guns and tasers require licensing and are considered as "prohibited arms" under Section 25 (1A) of the Arms Act.
  • Recent negative media attention related to law enforcement's improper use of Tasers has brought to light the tragic effect on victims, the costs to the justice system, and other detrimental externalities.
  • Houston became the first major city in the nation to fully arm the entire police department with tasers with an authorization of $4.7 million in November 2004, the result of a controversial shooting the previous year.
  • In January 2022 the British Transport Police Police Federation allowed BTP special Constables to join, a precondition for an announcement in May 2022 that specials would be trained to carry tasers.
  • The New Zealand police ran two trials examining the introduction of tasers, before Broad authorised their general use on 28 August 2008.
  • During July 2007, the Home Office announced plans to supply police forces in England & Wales with tasers as a Less-lethal option.
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