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NOUN   a task at hand | tasks at hand
task at handanstehende Aufgabe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'task at hand' von Englisch nach Deutsch

task at hand
anstehende Aufgabe {f}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The original terminal building, a converted hangar, was described as inadequate for the task at hand even when it was first opened as Orlando Jetport.
  • A 1920 Commission of Enquiry into the failed settlement scheme found that the settlers had not been up to the task at hand.
  • This effect has either been sought by the developer because it focuses on the completion of the task at hand or rejected because it prevents the user from changing to a different task when needed.
  • He stated the task at hand was of such importance that he would not stand in the way of Grant choosing the right man for the job and offered to serve wherever placed.
  • Many modern FPGAs are programmed at "run time", which has led to the idea of reconfigurable computing or reconfigurable systems – CPUs that reconfigure themselves to suit the task at hand.
  • All hands would be required for the task at hand.
  • The flat grind makes the puukko a natural choice for slicing, cutting and whittling, and the flat spine allows the user to use a thumb or the other hand to bring more force to bear to the task at hand.
  • He conceptualizes rational decisions in terms of the "adaptive toolbox" (the repertoire of heuristics an individual or institution has) and the ability to choose a good heuristics for the task at hand.
  • In deciding which drill(s) to use it is important to consider the task at hand and evaluate which drill would best accomplish the task.
  • Checks are made using a character's attribute plus 2d6 (doubles add and roll over) against a difficulty level based on the task at hand.
  • Over-imitation is "the tendency of young children to copy all of an adult model's actions, even components that are irrelevant for the task at hand."
  • Lift bag appropriate capacity should match the task at hand.
  • Aviation author Jon Lake stated of the Vulture: "The engine made the Manchester mainly notable for its unreliability, poor performance, and general inadequacy to the task at hand" and attributed the aircraft's poor service record to the engine troubles.
  • Some applications allow the user to switch between these modes at their choosing, depending on personal preference or the task at hand.
  • Macarthur was focused on the task at hand, shown by his refusal to address the Japanese leadership or public directly, instead electing to go straight to and from his office every day, without stops.
  • The aim is to minimize the risk of radioactive exposure or other hazard while keeping in mind that some exposure may be acceptable in order to further the task at hand.
  • For example, cognitive distraction, which occurs when an individual is not directly focused on the task at hand, has a more profound effect on LRD performance than auditory distraction, such as the presence of continuous ambient noise.
  • Modifiers are applied to the dice depending on the difficulty of the task at hand.
  • She is excited about the massive task at hand; just like the parallel character Louis Wu in "Ringworld", Kin is over two hundred years old, and in danger of becoming tired of life.
  • Instead, he is led to the true task at hand, as Socrates forces him to confront his ignorance by pressing Euthyphro for a definition of "piety"; yet, Socrates finds flaw with each definition of "piety" proposed by Euthyphro (6d ff.).
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