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NOUN   teratology | -
Teratologie {f}
[Lehre von den Missbildungen der Lebewesen]
behavioural teratology [Br.]
Verhaltensteratologie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'teratology' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Teratologie {f}acad.anat.med.

[Lehre von den Missbildungen der Lebewesen]acad.biol.med.

behavioural teratology [Br.]
Verhaltensteratologie {f}med.psych.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Galls are not part of plant teratology, as they are formed due to external factors like insects bites or parasites.
  • In the field of teratology, Serres explained the presence of malformations as cases of arrested development or overdevelopment.
  • Josef Warkany (1902–1992) was a Jewish Austrian American pediatrician known as the "father of teratology".
  • He explains that he and Eric are doing teratology.
  • His most famous works are "Vegetable Teratology", which dealt with teratology (abnormal mutations) of vegetable species, and several works on Chinese plants (particularly conifers), describing many of the new species discovered by Ernest Henry Wilson.
  • His postgraduate training was in pediatrics, and fellowship training was in neuroembryology, teratology, and dysmorphology at the University of Washington.
  • In teratology, a malformation or congenital disorder involving a raphe, such as spina bifida, is known as a dysraphism.
  • Review of Yanai’s work and the progress in reversal of neurobehavioral teratology that was advanced by other laboratories was published in 2019 and in Basel, Switzerland in February 2017.
  • He also dealt with teratology. In his experimental research he managed to give a correct explanation of the causes of a number of physiological abnormalities.
  • Other controversial experiments by Stockard included producing teratology in fetuses by inducing hypoxia in the mother.
  • He was the author of treatises on lichens, fungi, teratology in plants, Darwinism and on the botanical genus "Rubus".
  • He contributed anthropological research regarding differences among human races, and also took an interest in teratology linked to the various cases.
  • He was interested in many areas of anatomy including normal anatomy, pathological anatomy, teratology and comparative anatomy.
  • His investigations on pathological histology and teratology were widely noted.
  • In teratology, a proboscis is a blind-ended, tube-like structure, commonly located in the middle of the face.
  • Because Malpighi was concerned with teratology (the scientific study of the visible conditions caused by the interruption or alteration of normal development) he expressed grave misgivings about the view of his contemporaries that the galls of trees and herbs gave birth to insects.
  • Otto specialized in the field of teratology, and performed extensive research involving the causes, development and classification of congenital malformations in plants and animals.
  • Willem Vrolik (29 April 1801 – 22 December 1863) was a Dutch anatomist and pathologist who was a native of Amsterdam. He was a pioneer in the field of vertebrate teratology.
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