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NOUN   a teratoma | teratomas / teratomata
Teratom {n}
sacrococcygeal teratoma <SCT>
sakrokokzygeales Teratom {n} <SCT>
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Übersetzung für 'teratoma' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Teratom {n}med.

sacrococcygeal teratoma <SCT>
sakrokokzygeales Teratom {n} <SCT>med.
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  • Differential diagnosis should consider rhabdomyosarcoma, Triton tumor, teratoma, Wilms tumor and benign, mature ectomesenchymoma (ectomesenchymal hamartoma).
  • A struma ovarii (literally: goitre of the ovary) is a rare form of monodermal teratoma that contains mostly thyroid tissue, which may cause hyperthyroidism.
  • Teratoma are most common germ cell tumor of ovary. Teratomas can be divided into two types: mature teratoma (benign) and immature teratoma (malignant).
  • Growing teratoma syndrome is a rare complication of teratoma that can occur when an immature ovarian germ cell teratoma is treated by chotherapy.
  • Any teratoma near the body surface may develop a sinus or a fistula, or even a cluster of these.
  • Teratoma formation by pluripotent stem cells may be caused by low activity of PTEN enzyme, reported to promote the survival of a small population (0.1–5% of total population) of highly tumorigenic, aggressive, teratoma-initiating embryonic-like carcinoma cells during differentiation.
  • It is therefore of primary importance the distinction of MDHSR from sacrococcygeal teratoma and from primary lumbosacral Wilms tumor.
  • In contrast to the pure form typical of infants, adult endodermal sinus tumors are often found in combination with other kinds of germ cell tumor, particularly teratoma and embryonal carcinoma.
  • There are case reports of elevated AFP associated with teratoma.
  • Teratomas are also classified by their content; a solid teratoma contains only tissues (perhaps including more complex structures); a cystic teratoma contains only pockets of fluid or semifluid such as cerebrospinal fluid, sebum, or fat; a mixed teratoma contains both solid and cystic parts.
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