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NOUN   a terminal bud | terminal buds
terminal bud
Endknospe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'terminal bud' von Englisch nach Deutsch

terminal bud
Endknospe {f}bot.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Its heart and terminal bud prepared as a vegetable are appreciated by Cambodians.
  • The cabbage-like terminal bud has been eaten as hearts of palm.
  • Plant physiology describes apical dominance as the control exerted by the terminal bud (and shoot apex) over the outgrowth of lateral buds.
  • The age and rate of growth of a twig can be determined by counting the winter terminal bud scale scars, or annular ring marking, down the length of the twig.
  • The stem of the açaí palm is sometimes used for poles and rafters, and its terminal bud as a cabbage or as a salad with, oil and vinegar.
  • Axillary buds do not become actively growing shoots on plants with strong apical dominance (the tendency to grow just the terminal bud on the main stem).
  • These young tea shoots may consist of a single terminal bud, a bud with an adjacent leaf or a bud with two adjacent slightly unfurled leaves.
  • There are alternate, opposite, and whorled buds, as well as the terminal bud at the tip of the stem.
  • "Chrysolepis" also differs from another allied genus "Castanea" (chestnuts), in nuts that take 14–16 months to mature (3–5 months in "Castanea"), evergreen leaves and the shoots having a terminal bud.
  • The leaves of the terminal bud are slightly thickened, sometimes crinkled and curled into an elongate gall, which can be hidden by older leaves.
  • They feed in the growing tips of young shoots of their host plant, destroying the terminal bud, but barely boring into the tip of the stem.
  • It resembles the cultivated bananas called "fe'i" or "fehi", having an upright rather than a drooping fruit stalk, with the green terminal bud pointing upwards, and sap which is reddish in colour.
  • The tender inner stem and the terminal bud called the palm cabbage is considered as a delicacy by some.
  • Although the part of the stem holding the fruit is upright, the rest of the stem then bends over so that the terminal bud faces sideways or downwards.
  • These may develop from either the axillary bud or the terminal bud of the stem.
  • The flowers are clustered at the terminal bud of the plant and are white with purple stripes.
  • The terminal bud is edible. The sap of young inflorescences can be fermented to produce alcohol.
  • Found on the terminal bud of a branch, it is initially green and as it matures darkens to dark brown; falling to the ground in the winter.
  • Adults emerge from pupae in the ground beneath the shrub and the terminal bud infestations start in March or April; the fully grown larvae fall to the ground in September or October to undergo pupation after feeding and sheltering within the leaf rosette for some time.
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