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terminal budding
terminale Knospung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'terminal budding' von Englisch nach Deutsch

terminal budding
terminale Knospung {f}zool.
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  • David Morgan’s group found that segregation time of chromosomes 4 and 5 is significantly elongated in budding-yeast strains with mutations in the 2 N-terminal securin phosphorylation sites and securin deletion strains.
  • Apart from the core domain, almost all coronins have a short conserved N-terminal motif and coiled coil motif of 50 amino acids at the C-terminus.
  • The assembly of the ESCRT-I complex is directed by the C-terminal steadiness box (SB) of VPS23, the N-terminal half of VPS28, and the C-terminal half of VPS37.
  • ... embedded in the lipid layer) and have two domains namely a transmembrane domain and an extramembrane C-terminal domain.
  • The epididymal secretory protein E1(NPC2) is produced via transcription of the NPC2 gene and recruits and transfers the LDL-derived cholesterol to the sterol-binding pocket in the N-terminal domain of the NPC1 protein to be transferred from the lysosome lumen and excreted from the lysosome membrane.
  • Germiniation of pycnidiospores can be lateral or terminal.
  • C-protein suppresses the signal transduction pathways of interferon alpha/beta (IFN-α/β) and IFN-γ by binding to the N-terminal domain of STAT1.
  • The N-terminal region of ICA69 is similar to arfaptin.
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