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Terrakotten {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'terracottas' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Terrakotten {pl}art
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  • Tessitori retrieved Gupta terracottas from mounds in Rangamahal and other locations, as well as two colossal marble images of the goddess Saraswati near Ganganagar.
  • There is also a section on ‘Historical Art’ opened in 1963 which displays large number of old terracottas, bronzes, wood-carvings, textiles and manuscripts.
  • Many visual arts of the Romans and Indian sculptures, terracottas, cave paintings, and wood carvings (also shown in picture gallery) representing men and women show the same, unstitched clothes with various wrapping and draping styles.
  • Under the pressure of collectors' demands in the late 19th century, Tanagra terracottas began to be faked.
  • Further terracottas are in the collection at the Ca' d'Oro, Venice.
  • Thyreophoroi are frequently illustrated in grave paintings from Alexandria and Sidon. They can also be seen in terracottas from Seleucia on the Tigris.
  • Each of the main traders could employ approximately 1,000 diggers to unearth terracottas every day.
  • To the east of Grammichele a cave shrine of Demeter, with fine votive terracottas, has been discovered.
  • Following sculptures in the Indian subcontinent, terracottas, cave paintings, and wood carvings conferring men and women wore the same (unstitched) clothes with various wrapping and draping styles.
  • Many finds from the site including ancient terracottas from the temple of Artemis are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Agrinion and in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens.
  • Hill committed to publishing the terracottas of Corinth, the project she and Lida Shaw King had initiated and not completed in 1900.
  • Numerous votive offerings have been recovered from the city of Adranon, as well as amphorae, terracottas, busts of divinities, Attic pottery and bronze items.
  • They included architectural elements, terracottas and part of an altar, datable to the sixth century BC.
  • For painted architectural terracottas, see Architecture below.
  • To publicise his terracottas Blashfield published in 1855 "An Account of the History and Manufacture of Ancient and Modern Terra Cotta" and several catalogues, including "A Catalogue of Five Hundred Articles" in 1857.
  • His main interests are ancient water technology, ancient roof terracottas, Roman social history, Etruscan archaeology and epigraphy.
  • Åke Åkerström (26 April 1902 – October 1991) was a Swedish archaeologist and classical scholar. He is best known for his work on architectural terracottas and Ancient vase painting.
  • Jacques Prévert, [...] of Boeotia, 17 unpublished reproductions of Boeotian terracottas from the National Museum of Athens.
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