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VERB   to terraform | terraformed | terraformed
terraforming | terraforms
to terraform sth.
etw. terraformieren
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Übersetzung für 'terraform' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to terraform sth.
etw. terraformierenastron.ecol.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Frank Herbert's Dune series features weather control technology, mainly in the planets of Arrakis, where the technology is used to assure for privacy from observation and in order to hide from the Imperium their true population and their plans to terraform the planet, and in Chapterhouse, where the Bene Gesserit intend to turn the planet into a desert.
  • During the 1980s, American geographer Richard Cathcart successfully lobbied for formal recognition of the verb "to terraform."
  • Finally, the "Encyclopedia" notes that early in the history of Arrakis, the Imperium made several attempts to terraform the planet, which resulted in an abundance of Terran desert life on the planet (such as kangaroo mice and hawks), but failed to otherwise change the environment, as the local sandtrout "encyst" any open water on the planet.
  • In the year 2069, humanity begins to terraform and colonize the Solar System.
  • During Hellfire Gala, Magneto gathered several omega level mutants in order to terraform Mars.
  • The novel is set in the distant future as a group of space travellers, marooned in an inhospitable planetary system, attempt to terraform a moon and create a sufficient civilisation on it to refuel their ship so they can continue to their original destination.
  • While Braguda manages to get the white stone and combine its power to her black stone to convert all humans to Anomalkans and terraform the planet into a New Planet Marte.
  • Five seed ships were built, each a kilometer long and populated with machinery designed to terraform a suitable planet.
  • During his years of service as Herald to Galactus, Lan the Airwalker had been given a powerful cosmic relic through which he maximized his Power Cosmic, the Bow of Gabriel, a powerful weapon which enables its user to terraform whole worlds.
  • Over the course of the cataclysmic erosion of Earth, a collective of scientists and engineers in space agencies from around the world desperately try to terraform the Moon for colonisation, to provide a safe haven for some surviving humans before Earth eventually disintegrates into nothingness along with human civilisation.
  • The Crystals are intending to terraform Earth to make it like their home world, and it is likely they've done this to other worlds too, essentially spreading from one planet to the next by transforming them into copies of their original home world.
  • Mercury has the potential to be the fastest celestial body to terraform at least partially, giving it a thin but breathable atmosphere with human-survivable pressures, a strong magnetic field, with at least a small percentage of its land at survivable temperatures at closer to the north and south poles provided water content could be constrained to avoid a runaway greenhouse effect.
  • Selena schemes to perform a ritual that will terraform Earth into a Krypton-like planet upon studying the prophecy from the Book of Rao.
  • The ship's mission was to map the planet and, if it was habitable, it would signal Earth and then, while waiting for the colonists to arrive, terraform the planet.
  • The Terracon consisted of a massive, biological computer; a synthetic brain capable of efficiently controlling the legion of Terracon machines required to terraform and tame the planets' harsh environments.
  • Nelebel's retinue magically terraform the place into a beautiful landscape — known today as San Diego Bay.
  • It has been featured in some plans for terraforming Mars.
  • A common object of discussion on potential terraforming is the planet Mars.
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