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NOUN   terraforming | -
VERB   to terraform | terraformed | terraformed
terraforming | terraforms
Terraforming {n}
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Übersetzung für 'terraforming' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Terraforming {n}astron.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • He was also interested in terraforming and wrote several articles about the possibility of terraforming Mars using microbes.
  • McKay advocates a moderately biocentric position in the ethics of terraforming, arguing that we must thoroughly explore a planet such as Mars first to discover whether there is any microbial life before taking first steps toward terraforming, and that if indigenous alien life is found in an obscure niche or dormant on Mars, we should remove all Earth life and alter Mars to support the global spread of this alien life on Mars.
  • Reasons for objecting to terraforming include ethical concerns about terraforming and the considerable cost that such an undertaking would involve.
  • Automated interplanetary missions have been seeding Mars with atmosphere-producing algae as the first stage of terraforming the planet.
  • NASA has defined categories of habitability systems and technologies for terraforming to be feasible.
  • Starting in 1987, Fogg began research on terraforming, and published a series of articles on the subject, primarily in the "Journal of the British Interplanetary Society".
  • Niven introduces the concept of engineering and terraforming whole planets.
  • Hutch made one more attempt to get the terraforming operation postponed by contacting the terraforming project's director, Melanie Truscott, who resided in a space station in orbit around Quraqua.
  • Typically the "Reds" would destroy terraforming ventures in an effort to slow the terraforming of Mars.
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