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terrain clearance
Geländeberäumung {f} [Baugeländefreiheit]
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Übersetzung für 'terrain clearance' von Englisch nach Deutsch

terrain clearance
Geländeberäumung {f} [Baugeländefreiheit]constr.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Projects such as the operational test and terrain clearance radar, Doppler navigation systems, and air-to-air distance measuring equipment were included in the squadron's tasks.
  • Because takeoff performance for aircraft is usually calculated to include an extra margin to account for a possible engine failure, trijets are better able to take off from hot and high airports or those where terrain clearance near the runway is an issue.
  • A periscope antenna facilitates increased terrain clearance without long transmission lines, while permitting the active equipment to be located at or near ground level for ease of maintenance.
  • By flying at or above this altitude a pilot complies with terrain clearance requirements on that particular flight leg.
  • The accident was investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) who concluded that the plane crashed due to the flight crew's failure to maintain terrain clearance, which resulted in controlled flight into terrain in instrument meteorological conditions.
  • Another factor in the collision was the subtle limitations on visual perception relating in part to the proximity of the mountain slope not far below both aircraft, requiring both pilots' attention to maintain suitable terrain clearance.
  • Excellent terrain clearance performance under 250 KEAS is achieved by deploying the main parachute immediately after exiting the cockpit.
  • wide, the width required for safe terrain clearance in the event of formation breakup or the loss of drafting position by a helicopter.
  • This rule has undoubtedly contributed much to the safety of airline travel, as flights under those rules specify altitudes and routes that must be followed and that have been predetermined to provide terrain clearance.
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