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terrain-following flights
Geländefolgeflüge {pl}
terrain-following radar <TFR>
Terrainfolgeradar {n}
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  • Sensors include forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and terrain-following radar.
  • 5 turned back because the mine-laying helicopters were not equipped with terrain-following radar.
  • These features allowed for an innovative autopilot system which, in turn, enabled long distance terrain-following sorties as crew workload and pilot input had been greatly reduced.
  • Terrain-following radar (TFR) is a military aerospace technology that allows a very-low-flying aircraft to automatically maintain a relatively constant altitude above ground level and therefore make detection by enemy radar more difficult.
  • Sustainment and logistics at range yield high costs and there may be a saturation advantage over a deployed force through the use of land-based air or surface-to-surface missile assets (whether on terrain-following or ballistic trajectories), diesel-electric submarines, or asymmetric tactics such as Fast Inshore Attack Craft.
  • Radar altimeter technology is also used in terrain-following radar allowing combat aircraft to fly at very low height above the terrain.
  • The aircraft carries a TsNPO Leninets "Obzor-K" (Survey, NATO: Clam Pipe) radar for tracking ground and air targets, and a separate "Sopka" Terrain-following radar.
  • and begun its descent to its terrain-following exit altitude.
  • The terrain-following and terrain-avoidance radar, forward looking infrared sensor, inertial navigation system with Global Positioning System, along with a projected map display enable the crew to follow terrain contours and avoid obstacles, making low-level penetration possible.
  • The aircraft features autopilot ability at all flight stages including low-altitude flight in terrain-following radar mode, and individual and group combat employment against air and ground/sea-surface targets.
  • The Terrain Following mode computed changes in altitude only to a programmed minimum airspeed of [...] , well outside the parameters of the mission.
  • To make the B-2 more effective than previous bombers, many advanced and modern avionics systems were integrated into its design; these have been modified and improved following a switch to conventional warfare missions.
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