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to be omittedfortfallen
to be omittedausgelassen werden
to be omittedwegfallen [ausgelassen werden]
to be omittedunterbleiben [versäumt werden]
to be omitted {adj} [postpos.] auszulassen [ausgelassen werden müssend] [nur prädikativ]
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  • The calendar maintains a seven-sol week, but the week is restarted from its first sol at the start of each month. If a month has 27 sols, this causes the final sol of the week to be omitted.
  • ISO 8601-1:2019 allows the T to be omitted in the extended format, as in "13:47:30", but only allows the T to be omitted in the basic format when there is no risk of ambiguity with date expressions.
  • The T-64 was the first Soviet tank to use an autoloader for its 125-mm gun, allowing one crew member's position to be omitted and helping to keep the size and weight of the tank down.
  • An extradosed bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with a more substantial bridge deck that, being stiffer and stronger, allows the cables to be omitted close to the tower and for the towers to be lower in proportion to the span.
  • This model generally requires the full filename to be provided in commands, whereas the metadata approach often allows the extension to be omitted.
  • However, the US Postal Service prefers punctuation to be omitted from addresses.
  • Current versions of ATSC explicitly call for the color temperature data to be included in the data stream, but old versions of ATSC allowed this data to be omitted.
  • The Australian touring party had been severely weakened by a dispute between the board and players that caused Clem Hill, Victor Trumper, Warwick Armstrong, Tibby Cotter, Sammy Carter and Vernon Ransford to be omitted.
  • As a soprano had fallen ill one act from Charles Gounod's "Faust" and one from Ambroise Thomas's "Hamlet" had to be omitted.
  • The artist could not, however, portray life just as they saw it because anything that reflected poorly on Communism had to be omitted.
  • Although the subject is usually a noun phrase, other kinds of phrases (such as gerund phrases) work as well, and some languages allow subjects to be omitted.
  • Undervolting is used for quiet systems, as less cooling is needed because of the reduction of heat production, allowing noisy fans to be omitted.
  • The concept was also alluded to in the preliminary report for the IAL (ALGOL 58) in that the syntax allowed one or more indices of an array element (or, for that matter, of a procedure call) to be omitted when used as an actual parameter.
  • Group homosexual sex has been decriminalised, in that Schedule 6 of the 2003 Act caused section 12 of the Sexual Offences Act 1956 to be omitted, removing the offence of homosexual sex "when more than two persons take part or are present".
  • Stage Left", this album does not have any songs that had to be omitted for single CD release.
  • It already supported the use of an "X-No-Archive" message header, which if present would cause an article to be omitted from the archive.
  • Several of the features of the ritual had to be omitted due to Pius' troublesome leg.
  • Augustus ordered some leap years to be omitted to correct the problem, and by AD 8 the leap years were being observed every fourth year, and the observances were consistent up to and including modern times.
  • This pin's socket on the female connector is often obstructed, requiring pin 20 to be omitted from the male cable or drive connector; it is thus impossible to plug it in the wrong way round.
  • Hence the negative solution clearly has to be omitted, and [...]. End derivation.
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