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to great effect {adv}effektvoll
to have a great effect on sth. bei etw.Dat. zu Buche schlagen [Idiom] [ins Gewicht fallen]
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  • This is used to great effect in lace knitting, which consists of making patterns and pictures using such holes, rather than with the stitches themselves.
  • The German 88 mm anti-aircraft gun was truck-mounted and used to great effect against British tanks, and the British QF 3-inch 20 cwt was mounted on trucks for use on the Western Front.
  • With its long-range capabilities and flat trajectories, howitzers can be used to great effect in a battery formation with other artillery pieces, such as long-barreled guns, mortars, and rocket artillery.
  • The Byzantines typically used it in naval battles to great effect, as it could continue burning while floating on water.
  • The claim that William was fighting for the Protestant cause in England was used to great effect to disguise the military, cultural and political impact that the Dutch regime had on England.
  • storyline has been used to great effect in other drama series, most notably the BBC's "EastEnders" with the "Who Shot Phil?
  • He also greatly admires genetic algorithms which mimic biological evolution to great effect.
  • Many contemporary designs, however, do make use of coloured, variegated and overdyed threads to great effect.
  • The game is historically significant as Notre Dame employed the seldom-used forward pass to great effect.
  • During the Ecuadorian–Peruvian War, the Peruvian army established its own paratrooper unit and used it to great effect by seizing the Ecuadorian port city of Puerto Bolívar, on July 27, 1941, marking the first time in the Americas that airborne troops were used in combat.
  • In England, and later the United Kingdom, the ubiquity of wars and the island nation's reliance on maritime trade enabled the use of privateers to great effect.
  • He used "foederati" forces such as the Alamanni to great effect.
  • With his new position and wealth came a change in style: Tweed began to favor wearing a large diamond in his shirtfront – a habit that Thomas Nast used to great effect in his attacks on Tweed in "Harper's Weekly" beginning in 1869 – and he bought a brownstone to live in at 41 West 36th Street, then a very fashionable area.
  • Hawke and Keating were also able to use the concealment of the size of the budget deficit by Fraser before the 1983 election to great effect, damaging the Liberal Party's economic credibility as a result.
  • They were also used to great effect in anti-aircraft projectiles in the Pacific against "kamikaze" as well as in Britain against V-1 flying bombs.
  • In addition, most anti-aircraft guns can be used in a direct-fire role against surface targets to great effect.
  • In time, he turned the impediment into an asset and could use it to great effect, as when he called Hitler a "Nar-zee" (rhymes with "khazi"; emphasis on the "z"), rather than a Nazi ("ts").
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