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on her right {adv}zu ihrer Rechten
to her right {adv}rechts von ihr
Everyone has a right to his / her own opinion.Jeder hat das Recht auf seine eigene Meinung.
Life isn't exactly a bowl of cherries for her right now. Das Leben ist für sie im Moment kein Zuckerlecken.
an authoress in her own righteine eigenständige Autorin {f}
artist in her own righteigenständige Künstlerin {f}
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  • In 2018, Littlefeather developed stage IV breast cancer, She said in a 2021 interview that the cancer had metastasized to her right lung and that she was terminal.
  • Between 1860 and 1895 there is a lighthouse to Britannia's left and a ship to her right.
  • Considered a threat to qualify for the 2006 Canadian Olympic team due to her two previous national medals, she was forced to withdraw from the 2006 Canadian Championships (the Olympic qualifying competition) due to an injury to her right knee.
  • Hosp suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury to her right knee at Sölden in October 2009 and missed the rest of the 2010 season, including the 2010 Winter Olympics.
  • However, on September 26 it was announced that Kim would not compete in the Grand Prix series due to a metatarsal injury to her right foot (bruised bones) from excessive training, with recovery expected to take up to six weeks.
  • The bow of the violin has been stuck through diagonally under the fingerboard. To her right is a maple tree.
  • Dubé had an injury to her right foot which affected their training.
  • The Madonna herself is of hardly human proportions—she is almost twice the size of the angels to her right.
  • In January 2019 the El Museo del Barrio in Manhattan decided to cancel an upcoming exhibition of Gloria's work at their 50th anniversary gala due to her right wing political stances and comments she had made about race and AIDS.
  • During final dress rehearsal for the 14 November edition of the show, Jade suffered a serious injury to her right knee, and therefore was forced to withdraw on 21 November.
  • In 2001, Edwards obtained a cruciate ligament injury to her right knee, requiring surgery, which meant that she missed the whole season.
  • The general conception of the bas-reliefs, beside the statue of the goddess Roma, one to her left and the other to her right, recalls Virgil's "Bucolics" and "Georgics", which complete the triptych of the Altar of the Fatherland with the statue of the Roman divinity.
  • Go For Wand was leading by a head at the sixteenth pole when she suffered an open fracture to her right cannon bone.
  • She stands facing the viewer's left, with her hands joined in prayer and head slightly inclined down, gazing with heavy-lidded eyes at a spot below and to her right (the left of the viewer).
  • murderer was to her right side" when he had inflicted the wound to her throat.
  • The superficial cut to her right thumb might have been caused while attempting to defend herself.
  • Still in recovery from a third toe surgery, the reigning 400-meter Olympic champion suffered an injury to her right hamstring at the 2016 U.S.
  • Thus a musical connotation was added by using it for the statue, and her right hand is close to her right ear.
  • Margaret and the war between mother and son was controversial, and her right to Holland was always considered to be of dubious legality, as this domain was at that time regarded as reserved for men, though the same thing was not raised when it came to her right to Hainaut.
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