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on his right {adv}rechts von ihm
on his right {adv}zu seiner Rechten
to his right {adv}rechts von ihm
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by right of his wife {adv} [Jure uxoris] [also: in right of a wife]
aus dem Recht der Ehefrau
Everyone has a right to his / her own opinion.Jeder hat das Recht auf seine eigene Meinung.
He invoked his right to silence.
Er berief sich auf sein Auskunftsverweigerungs­recht.
He's not in his right mind.Er ist nicht recht bei Verstand.
His heart is in the right place. [idiom] Er hat das / sein Herz am rechten Fleck. [Redewendung]
No one in his right mind will deny that ... Niemand, der noch klar bei Verstand ist, wird bestreiten, dass ...
not in his right sensesnicht bei Verstand
to cheat sb. out of his rightjdn. um sein Recht bringen
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  • For example, at first Velázquez's own head inclined to his right rather than his left.
  • Rodriguez's fielding range allowed Jeter to cede ground to his right to Rodriguez and cheat to his left: fielding balls hit to his left is a weakness identified by scouts.
  • As anticipated, the kickback from the manual trigger left Schirra with a visible injury to his right hand.
  • Messerschmidt devised a series of pinches he administered to his right lower rib.
  • While at the Naval Academy, he suffered two injuries to his right ankle (one was by playing football and the other was while dismounting gymnastic rings during a competition).
  • It is believed that Leonardo da Vinci utilized both of his hands after an injury to his right hand during his early childhood.
  • Brooke began 1844 in anti-pirate operations with ships of the Royal Navy and the East India Company off NE Sumatra: on 12 February, he received a gunshot wound to his right arm and a spear cut to his eyebrow in their second engagement, at Murdu.
  • In addition to sporting a robotic left arm (as opposed to his right one), the Bizarro Arsenal is shown wearing a quiver filled with dead cats, which he uses as weapons.
  • Robert rebelled against King David in 1363 but submitted to him following a threat to his right of succession.
  • Diamond Darrell is pictured in the center playing guitar, while Vinnie Paul is standing to his right counting money, Rex Brown is leaning against the counter top and Phil Anselmo is shown jumping in the air to Brown's left.
  • It marked the third such occurrence of this injury, which he suffered twice to his right knee in 1999 and 2000.
  • Once Behan said that he'd disarmed the Cowboys, Virgil moved Doc's cane to his right hand and shifted the pistol in his waistband from the right side to his left.
  • And although elements of the Prussians now began to appear on the field to his right, Napoleon had already ordered Lobau's VI corps to move to the right flank to hold them back before d'Erlon's attack began.
  • The right hand of the athlete is pressing down at the (side of) the head of the opponent, thus not permitting him to rotate to his right to relieve the pressure on his shoulder.
  • He was especially famous for leaping into the air while simultaneously making an underhanded throw to first base, on balls hit far to his right.
  • The preserved images give reason to connect Zibelthiurdos with the ancient Greek God Zeus the Thunderer; he is depicted holding a lightning bolt in his raised right hand, and to his right an eagle with wings spread out.
  • Players receive cards to decide first dealer; the player with the first Jack becomes the pitcher (as eldest hand) and the player to his right, the dealer.
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