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in some degree {adv}einigermaßen
in some degree {adv}in gewissem Maß
to some degree {adv}einigermaßen
to some degree {adv}in gewissem Maße
to some degree {adv}in einem gewissen Grad / Grade
to some degree {adv}bis zu einem gewissen Grad / Grade
to some degree {adv} etwelchermaßen [schweiz.] [österr.] [sonst veraltet]
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  • Several other fast days of ancient or medieval origin continue to be observed to some degree in modern times.
  • Most Quakers remained neutral, although a sizeable number nevertheless participated to some degree.
  • In other languages, the division into genders usually correlates to some degree, at least for a certain set of nouns (such as those denoting humans), with some property or properties of the things that particular nouns denote.
  • Thurston writes that this was "at least an indication that they were still regarded as participants in society to some degree."
  • Consisting of sixteen books written in Latin on the invitation of Archbishop Absalon, "Gesta Danorum" describes Danish history and to some degree Scandinavian history in general, from prehistory to the late 12th century.
  • Manx died out as a first language in the 20th century but has since been revived to some degree.
  • Building to some degree on his observations and artifacts, e.g.
  • Some file pickers also allow file management to some degree, such as searching, moving, copying, renaming, and copying the path to clipboard.
  • Eindhoven is also, to some degree, open to forms of impromptu and alternative art. For example, the Berenkuil is a freezone for graffiti artists in the city.
  • This moor also to some degree limits the range of a vessel's swing to a narrower oval. Care should be taken that other vessels will not swing down on the boat due to the limited swing range.
  • They are to some degree localised. The Unamended Fellowship, for example, exists only in North America.
  • The building has been criticized by some practitioners of feng shui for its sharp edges and its negative symbolism by the numerous 'X' shapes in its original design, though Pei modified the design to some degree before construction following this feedback.
  • However, the Trewartha climate classification system classifies the city as humid subtopical, due to a recent rise in temperatures related - to some degree or another - to climate change and the city's urban heat island.
  • Several large GWAS have found differences in the genetics of alcohol consumption and alcohol dependence, although the two are to some degree related.
  • All amplifiers are bilateral to some degree; however they may often be modeled as unilateral under operating conditions where feedback is small enough to neglect for most purposes, simplifying analysis (see the common base article for an example).
  • For example, it is not possible to stimulate "only" the mid-wavelength (so-called "green") cones; the other cones will inevitably be stimulated to some degree at the same time.
  • Fernand Braudel argued that free market exchange and capitalism are to some degree opposed; free market exchange involves transparent public transactions and a large number of equal competitors, while capitalism involves a small number of participants using their capital to control the market via private transactions, control of information, and limitation of competition.
  • By the late Hellenistic or early Roman period (1st century BC), the star and crescent motif was associated to some degree with Byzantium; even though it became more widely used as the royal emblem of Mithradates VI Eupator (who for a time incorporated the city into his empire).
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