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NOUN   a toddy | toddies
SYNO hot toddy | toddy
Palmwein {m}
Toddy {m} [eine Art Grog]
2 Wörter
rum toddy
Grog {m}
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
toddy cat [Paradoxurus hermaphroditus]
Fleckenmusang {m}
toddy palm [Borassus aethiopum]
Äthiopische Palmyrapalme {f}
toddy palm [Borassus flabellifer]
Lontarpalme {f}
toddy palm [Borassus flabellifer]
Lontaropalme {f}
toddy palm [Borassus flabellifer]
Palmyrapalme {f}
toddy palm [Caryota urens]
Brennpalme {f}
toddy palm [Caryota urens]
Toddypalme / Toddy-Palme {f}
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  • Toddy is extracted from the inflorescence, and is considered somewhat powerful compared to toddy extracted from other palm trees.
  • Meanwhile, Bhuvaneswari owns a local toddy shop. People come here to drink regularly.
  • At the distillery, the fermented toddy is transferred into wood storing vats where it is filtered.
  • The traditional occupation of Idiga people was that of toddy tapping.
  • These hopes seem to disappear within a day: Surya monopolizes the toddy trade and demands that Sheikh Chand guard the toddy.
  • It is also famous for its toddy shop named Puthuvely Kallu Shapu. It is also famous for its toddy from Coconut.
  • The local Jolly Toddy Shop (Karumpumkala) is very popular across Kerala for its seafood and local toddy.
  • The food served with toddy is very spicy and hot with chilies.
  • Eelavar in South Indian medieval inscriptions refer to the caste or function of toddy-drawers, drawn from the Dravidian word for palm tree toddy, "Eelam".
  • Additionally, Sugarcane and toddy production reached an extensive scope with the toddy being sold in jars on boats, the alcohol being known as "Tawaram".
  • As a result, the poor toddy tappers were left unemployed across the state.
  • Some early work which drew media attention included local Goa-related studies looking at palm "feni" production being affected adversely due to a lack of toddy-tappers, the traditional workers who extracted toddy from coconut trees which abound in the area.
  • Coconut feni, also known as "Maddel" or "Maddachim Fenni", is distilled from fermented toddy from the coconut palm.
  • There is also the "toddy" (known as "kali" in the native language Tulu) business wherein toddy is tapped from the trees and sold in households or at the toddy shops.
  • Jaggery is made of the products of sugarcane and the toddy palm tree.
  • Karimpani is said to be an interesting place to have drinks. You can enter Karimpani through a toddy (a local liquor made from coconut/palm trees) shop and leave Karimpany through another toddy shop.
  • To keep out the cold we'll have some toddy.
  • In the Indian state of Kerala, toddy is used in leavening (as a substitute for yeast) a local form of hopper called the [...].
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