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NOUN   a toga | togas / togae
Toga {f}
toga [Scleropages jardinii]
Gepunkteter Barramundi {m}
clad in a toga {adj} [postpos.]in eine Toga gekleidet
clad in a toga {adj} [postpos.]mit einer Toga bekleidet
toga awningclam [Solemya togata]
Toga-Schotenmuschel {f}
toga awningclam [Solemya togata]
(Gelbe) Schotenmuschel {f}
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  • "Praetextus" commonly referred to clothing with a decorative border, and especially to the "toga praetexta", a toga with a purple border worn by boys and magistrates.
  • The many types of togas were also named. Boys, up until the festival of Liberalia, wore the "toga praetexta", which was a toga with a crimson or purple border, also worn by magistrates in office.
  • The "umbo" (literally "knob") was a pouch of the toga's fabric pulled out over the "balteus" (the diagonal section of the toga across the chest) in imperial-era forms of the toga.
  • The late toga of adult citizens, the toga virilis, was made of plain white wool and worn after the age of fourteen.
  • Romans of the Republic would wear the toga as a formal display of their citizenship.
  • This line of pencils is named as "Kuru Toga". The name "Kuru Toga" is a portmanteau of the two Japanese words 'kuru' (turning) and 'togaru' (to be sharpened).
  • He is the founder and director of the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT), and organizer of Japan’s first international theatre festival (Toga Festival).
  • The painting positions Caesar seated, crowned, and robed in a scarlet toga, as the centre and focus of composition.
  • In September 2019 Rothe featured on the Scott Mills radio show as 'Dr. Toga', advising the hosts on how to wear a toga to a toga party.
  • In Indonesia, academic regalia, also called a "toga" is only worn in graduation ceremonies.
  • The holding of two magistracies in a single year was prohibited, and Fulvius further violated decorum by campaigning "sine toga candida" ("without a white toga"); as a magistrate, he was required to wear the "toga praetexta" and not the pure white garment of a candidate.
  • Mourners were expected to wear the dress appropriate to the occasion, and to their station; an elite male citizen might wear a "toga pulla" (a "dark" toga, reserved for funerals).
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