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NOUN   tog | togs
VERB   to tog | togged | togged
togging | togs
SYNO duds | threads | togs
sb. togs [coll.:dresses]jd. zieht sich an
togs [coll.]
Klamotten {pl} [ugs.]
togs [coll.] [Aus.] [NZ] [Irish]
Badeanzug {m}
togs [coll.]
Zeug {n}
togs [coll.]
Sachen {pl} [Klamotten]
togs {pl} [coll.]
Kluft {f} [ugs. für: Kleider]
togs [coll.]
Kleider {pl}
togs [coll.]
G'wand {n} [österr.] [bayer.] [ugs.] [Klamotten, Kleidung]
2 Wörter
if sb. togs [coll.:dresses]wenn jd. sich anzieht
office togs {pl} [coll.]
Bürokluft {f}
running togs [coll.]
Joggingsachen {pl} [ugs.]
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Rochford is said to have thrown his hurley and togs into the River Liffey in disgust, as he brought his inter-county career to an end.
  • Small bathing suits for men, commonly referred to as togs or "Speedos", are informally called "budgie smugglers" in Australia.
  • Tollefson is a product advocate for Body Togs, a company producing weighted sleeves for weight loss and exercising.
  • "Torchy in Heartbeats" (originally titled "Torchy Brown Heartbeats") and accompanying Torchy Togs (paper doll cutouts).
  • TOGs often took on pseudonyms, as did the newsreaders, prior to February 2007.
  • Next to Togs Boyant Javklhant temple, a hilltop pavilion surrounded by statues of elk, ibex, and argali sheep. It's a quick hike from the center of town, and offers a good panorama of the city.
  • The closures of the Avondale Mills facility and Taylor Togs' Micaville blue jeans factory occurred in 2004.
  • In January 1948, Robert Lane and his wife Helen incorporated Superior Togs Corporation in order to manufacture flight jackets on a United States Department of Defense contract.
  • 30 Taylor Togs Dodge. His other start in 1995 resulted in a 38th at Phoenix.
  • Some words have been shortened, for example, the term "bathers" is commonly used in place of "bathing suit" or "togs" as used in other parts of Australia.
  • Manufacturers rate the performance of their duvets in togs, a measurement of thermal insulation.
  • Togs was also the Guest speaker at the Girls In ICT Expo 2017.
  • Anastasia Ganias is an American actress, best known for her role as Tracy Togs on HBO's "True Blood".
  • The name comes from the word "togs", British slang for clothes.
  • The road uniform was slightly altered so that it was just like the home togs, but grey instead of white: Mr.
  • It was recalled that Maurice Stein and brother Stanley would bring to every game at least six sets of spare togs so that any team defections could be filled from unsuspecting spectators.
  • Da Lam Tserenchimed ([...] , [...]; [...] 1869 – 1914) was a prominent lama and early 20th century Mongolian independence leader. In December 1911, he was appointed interior minister and "de facto" prime minister in the Bogd Khan's first government of Autonomous Mongolia, a position he held until Tögs-Ochiryn Namnansüren officially became the first prime minister in July 1912.
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