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NOUN   a toil | toils
sb. toilsjd. schuftet
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Übersetzung für 'toils' von Englisch nach Deutsch

sb. toils
jd. schuftet
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Despite all his toils he never succeeded in attaining religious conversion.
  • Whilst our kind Guardians turn our toils to ease.
  • Nor frustrate their toils on the land and the deep.
  • From then on, wall paintings or oil paintings on toils were popular.
  • "Bunga" means fruit, thus the name indicates the fruit of the toils of its founders.
  • A farmer who toils in the field, or a worker on an assembly, are performing an economic activity: they work to increase their material welfare (primarily by earning money).
  • Through multi-layered narratives, the comic explores issues of politics and the toils of urban society, often through the lens of the comics scene and coffee shop culture.
  • Bokul, a fourth-generation manual laborer, toils in the largest trash yard in Kolkata at a facility that crushes bones.
  • Russian writer and satirist Victor Shenderovich is quoted to say that he envies Chernomyrdin: a writer toils hard, but Chernomyrdin just opens his mouth, and here you go: a brilliant quote is here.
  • Such was his relationship with the emperor that he was referred to by Tiberius as "Socius Laborum" ("my partner in my toils").
  • She toured the Mexico–United States border to report on the details of the daily toils of Mexican migrants.
  • The festival is popularly celebrated to appreciate the toils of farmers all year round.
  • "Kallu Kondoru Pennu" tells us the story of nurse Sita, who toils hard in the Gulf for the sake of her family consisting of two brothers and a sister.
  • Born into a peasant Belarusian family in Khorostovo (south of Minsk, then part of the Russian Empire) in 1899, Korzh spent his early years assisting his family's toils on the agricultural lands owned by the noble House of Golitsyn.
  • Hail to the land of our toils and our sorrows!
  • It provided lawns, flowers beds, paths and seats; it was an area to escape the toils of inner city life in the early twentieth century.
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