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NOUN   a tone quality | tone qualities
tone quality
Klangfarbe {f}
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Übersetzung für 'tone quality' von Englisch nach Deutsch

tone quality
Klangfarbe {f}audio
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  • The frequency and strength of the resonances of the body of a musical instrument have a significant impact on the tone quality it produces.
  • A mute is a device attached to a musical instrument which changes the instrument's tone quality (timbre) or lowers its volume.
  • The tone quality can be altered without switching sticks or adjusting the tuning.
  • While the serpent was used for over two centuries dating back to the late Renaissance, it was notoriously difficult to control its pitch and tone quality due to its disproportionately small open finger holes.
  • is a brass instrument similar to the trumpet but distinguished from it by its conical bore, more compact shape, and mellower tone quality.
  • Bergonzi's violins are prized for their fine workmanship, tone, quality of materials, and exquisite varnish.
  • Harder hammers produce a brighter tone quality, which may ultimately become harsh and undesirable.
  • The tone quality of brass multiphonics is influenced strongly by the voice of the player.
  • According to pianistic giants such as Franz Liszt, Anton Rubinstein, and other high authorities, the Steinways have done more to advance the durability, action, and tone-quality of their instruments than any other makers of Europe or America.
  • A resurgence of popularity of the instrument through the 1950-1970s led to improvements in the instrument's tone quality through a change from silk to metal strings.
  • However, since the tone quality is dissimilar to that of a cane reed, synthetic reeds are not favoured by professional musicians.
  • The sound of the saxhorn has a characteristic mellow tone quality and blends well with other brass.
  • Besides the vowel/consonant aspect of rhyming, Chinese rhymes often include tone quality (that is, tonal contour) as an integral linguistic factor in determining rhyme.
  • Manipulating the horn's length changes tone quality as subtle harmonic overtones fluctuate.
  • The tone quality also depends on the material of the object that is used to hit the chimes.
  • Patterns of pitch and duration are of primary importance in common practice melody, while tone quality is of secondary importance.
  • In stringed instruments like the harpsichord, the short octave system created a defect: the strings which were tuned to mismatch their keyboard notes were in general too short to sound the reassigned note with good tone quality.
  • The angling of the strings also had consequences for tone quality: generally, it was not possible to make the plucking points as close to the nut as in a regular harpsichord.
  • The horn parts occasionally integrate simple synth lines to alter the tone quality of individual horn lines; for example in "Deacon Blues" this was done to "thicken" one of the saxophone lines.
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