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to top oneself [Br.] [sl.]sich aufhängen [Suizid]
to top oneself [Br.] [sl.] [commit suicide]Selbstmord begehen
to top oneself [sl.] [Br.]sich umbringen
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  • The album's title track, "Delete, Reset", was ranked 11th on Hit FM Top 100 Singles of the Year; "Celebration Of Oneself" and "Love is Love" were placed at 26th and 42nd respectively.
  • The Aztecs believed that ascension was the processing of preparing oneself to please the gods.
  • A person cannot have a fashion by oneself, but for something to be defined as fashion, there needs to be dissemination and followers.
  • Another ritual done by Master Otsuka in the Skinreikyo movement includes cleansing oneself before prayer sessions or before entering a room.
  • Since either player can make use of any hopping 'ladder' or 'chain' created, a more advanced strategy involves hindering an opposing player in addition to helping oneself make jumps across the board.
  • Traveling by bus can be less expensive than having a taxi to oneself, and is often an option when travelling from the airport to Road Town, or from town to either end of the island.
  • The reserve is open from September through April on Saturdays and Sundays and is an idyllic place to laze away or exert oneself - both koppies may be climbed, and original rock art can be observed.
  • For non-Chinese users of WeChat Pay, an additional identity verification process of providing a photo of a valid ID as well as oneself is required before certain functions of WeChat Pay become available.
  • Before eating the Dušni Brav it is proper etiquette to cross oneself.
  • The lyrics talk about rejecting material pleasures and only accepting the best for oneself; subtexts are employed throughout the song.
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