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NOUN   a trigger bar | trigger bars
trigger bar
Abzugsstange {f}
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trigger bar
Abzugsstange {f}weapons
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  • Because most bomber crews operated in the Arctic region during the Cold War, a trigger bar was used that could be depressed while wearing mittens as opposed to a conventional trigger.
  • It comprises a trigger and trigger bar, disconnector, sear and hammer.
  • A 2001 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives publication warned that the pistol is "extremely dangerous" when dropped, with the "potential for serious injury", due to an insufficient gap between the trigger bar and the sear.
  • The weapon is secured against misfires through a manually operated safety (whose lever, as in the AKM is located on the right side of the receiver), that disables the trigger bar and limits the movement of the bolt carrier.
  • The trigger is connected on the left side of the frame to a trigger bar, which, as the trigger is pulled, moves rearward, pushing against the sear tail, which is under the control of the V-spring that serves as both trigger spring and sear spring.
  • A Glock switch functions by applying force to a semi-automatic pistol's trigger bar to prevent it from limiting fire to one round of ammunition per pull.
  • It has a positive disconnector, a push bolt safety that blocks the sear and disengages the trigger bar.
  • Two pistol grips are located about 6 inches apart, the sears are connected to a horizontal trigger bar mounting a trigger on either end.
  • Some models, probably the ESP85, have a longer trigger bar than the ESP85A, and also with a different placed disconnector-notch in the slide.
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