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NOUN   a trigger button | trigger buttons
trigger button
Auslöseknopf {m}
trigger button
Auslöser {m} [Triggerknopf]
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Übersetzung für 'trigger button' von Englisch nach Deutsch

trigger button
Auslöseknopf {m}comp.tech.

Auslöser {m} [Triggerknopf]comp.tech.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • It featured a trigger button, a thumb button and a throttle wheel on left side of the base.
  • A shooting game similar to "Duck Hunt" in which players go through several consecutive rounds of shooting objects that appear on the screen by pointing the Wii Remote at the Wii's sensor bar to aim and firing with the controller's trigger button.
  • The light metering system's power switch turned on the meter, removed the lock from the shutter trigger button and let the film advance lever pop out 15 degrees from the camera body, all in one flick of the thumb.
  • There is a trigger button on the focusing collar that releases three pins that engage the focusing rails and lock the 3G in a bent position.
  • Images are composed via a waist level viewfinder and taken by means of a traditional Ansco red shutter trigger button depressed by the right index finger.
  • When the trigger button is pressed on cue (e.g. a sentence in the script, a countdown, a location), the squib detonates and bursts the blood packet and rips open and the pre-made bullet hole, creating the visual effect.
  • While on a horse, the player may have the horse automatically take them to the next recommended destination by pressing the left trigger button, or make their horse sprint by pressing the right shoulder button.
  • For instance, a developer can design OpenVR-based trigger button functions for controllers of Oculus Rift or Windows MR because these systems are both supported by the SDK.
  • Holding down a trigger button will cause Sonic to sprint, allowing him to move faster and perform new parkour moves, such as running up and along walls and hopping over small ledges.
  • The game has a single analog joystick with two buttons: a trigger button that fires the current weapon and a button on top of the joystick to "eject", or drop, the weapon the player is holding.
  • Other designs use a safety mechanism similar to nail guns: The injection is triggered by pushing the nose ring against the injection site and simultaneously, while applying pressure, pushing a trigger button at the rear end of the device.
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