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trompe l'oeil
Illusionsmalerei {f}
trompe l'oeil
Trompe-l'Œil {n} {m}
trompe l'oeil architecture
Scheinarchitektur {f}
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  • 1830) other French manufacturers of panoramic scenic and "trompe-l'œil" wallpapers, Zuber et Cie (1797–present) and Arthur et Robert exported their product across Europe and North America.
  • There is a "trompe-l'œil" effect by which towards the apse the nave seems longer than its actual length because the piers between the nave and the aisles are progressively closer, nearer to the chancel.
  • He felt it was important to be able to achieve "trompe-l'œil", the illusion of three dimensions using a two-dimensional medium.
  • These murals reference Egyptian and Roman antiquities, with sarcophagi, statues and trompe-l'œil columns on the walls of the platform.
  • The north wall has fictive architecture and four Trompe-l'œil "statues" of the four Doctors of the Church.
  • Critics dismissed op art as portraying nothing more than "trompe-l'œil", or tricks that fool the eye.
  • The ceilings are painted in a trompe-l'œil style, appearing to open up to an iridescent sky.
  • John Frederick Peto (May 21, 1854 – November 23, 1907) was an American "trompe-l'œil" ("fool the eye") painter who was long forgotten until his paintings were rediscovered along with those of fellow "trompe-l'œil" artist William Harnett.
  • 5-million program of works at the cathedral, cleaning the inside and outside, protecting the stained glass with a coating, and cleaning and painting the inside masonry creamy-white with "trompe-l'œil" marbling and gilded detailing, as it may have looked in the 13th century.
  • It has a convincing "trompe-l'œil" of a violin and bow "hanging" on a silver knob, painted about 1723 by Jan van der Vaart.
  • A specific genre of Roman mosaic was called "asaroton" (Greek for "unswept floor"). It depicted in "trompe-l'œil" style the feast leftovers on the floors of wealthy houses.
  • Imitation windows ("trompe-l'œil") were sometimes painted to make the rooms seem less confined.
  • The artist William Cochran has been acclaimed for the "trompe-l'œil" realism of the mural.
  • Painted ceilings, crowded with angels and saints and trompe-l'œil architectural effects, were an important feature of the Italian High Baroque.
  • The styles can vary from abstract to "trompe-l'œil" (a French term for "fool" or "trick the eye").
  • The popular appreciation of the realism of still-life painting is related in the ancient Greek legend of Zeuxis and Parrhasius, who are said to have once competed to create the most lifelike objects, history's earliest descriptions of "trompe-l'œil" painting.
  • Toward the end of this period, in 1498 da Vinci's trompe-l'œil decoration of the Sala delle Asse was painted for the Duke of Milan in the Castello Sforzesco.
  • Oberammergau is also famous for its "Lüftlmalerei," or frescoes, of traditional Bavarian themes, fairy tales, religious scenes or architectural "trompe-l'œil" found on many homes and buildings.
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