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NOUN   troodontid | troodontids
troodontids [family Troodontidae] [extinct family of dinosaurs]
Troodontiden {pl} [ausgestorbene Dinosaurierfamilie]
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  • A troodontid theropod that adds to the diversity of North American troodontids.
  • It shares several characteristics in common with both early troodontids and avialan birds, supporting a close relationship between avialans, troodontids, and dromaeosaurids.
  • "Conchoraptor" shared its habitat with other oviraptorosaurs including "Avimimus" and "Nomingia", other theropods include troodontids such as "Tochisaurus" and "Zanabazar", the tyrannosaurids "Alioramus" and "Tarbosaurus".
  • As a basal troodontid, unlike advanced troodontids, it has a bird like hip structure shared with many advanced maniraptorans.
  • "Jianianhualong" possesses a combination of traits seen in basal as well as traits seen in derived troodontids.
  • Through the early 2000s, the consensus among paleontologists was that dromaeosaurids were most closely related to the troodontids, and with the troodontids, deinonychosaurians were turned into the sister taxon to avialans, and therefore the closest relatives of avialan birds.
  • Cladistic analysis shows "Montanoolithus" to be maniraptoran eggs, more basal than troodontids, but more derived than oviraptorids.
  • Jinfengopterygines were relatively small sized troodontids ranging from about 0.5–2 m (1.8–6.6 ft), and like other troodontids had a pair of sickle claws on each foot.
  • Deinonychosaurians, especially troodontids, had forward-facing eyes, suggesting stereoscopic vision and improved depth perception.
  • "Troodon" is considered to be one of the most derived members of its family. Along with "Zanabazar", "Saurornithoides", and "Talos", it forms a clade of specialized troodontids.
  • Compared to most other paravians, troodontids are unspecialised for aerial locomotion.
  • The phylogenetic analysis conducted by its describers placed it in a clade with derived troodontids due to the oblong shape of its maxillary fenestra.
  • The following cladogram shows the position of "Xixiasaurus" within Troodontidae according to a 2017 analysis by the palaeontologist Caizhi Shen and colleagues: Troodontids are grouped in the clade Paraves, along with dromaeosaurids and birds.
  • The cladogram below shows the phylogenetic position of "Zanabazar" among other troodontids following a 2014 analysis.
  • Other traits argued to further distinguish "Latenivenatrix" from other derived troodontids (particularly its close relative "Stenonychosaurus") are: the triangular shape of each frontal bone which also does have a single deep groove in the frontonasal contact surface; a concave anterior surface of metatarsal III.
  • This formation has produced numerous dinosaurs, such as closely related protoceratopsid "Protoceratops"; ankylosaurid "Pinacosaurus"; alvarezsaurid "Linhenykus"; dromaeosaurids "Linheraptor" and "Velociraptor"; oviraptorids "Machairasaurus" and "Wulatelong"; and troodontids "Linhevenator", "Papiliovenator", and "Philovenator".
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