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NOUN   a tweak | tweaks
VERB   to tweak | tweaked | tweaked
tweaking | tweaks
SYNO pinch | to fine-tune | to pick off | ...
to tweakoptimieren
to tweak sth. [coll.] [adjust]etw.Akk. justieren
to tweak sth. [coll.] [improve sth. by making fine adjustments]
etw. frisieren [ugs.] [die Leistung durch nachträgliche Veränderungen steigern]
to tweakzwicken
to tweak sb./sth. [to pinch]jdn./etw. kneifen [zwicken]
to tweak [coll.] [adjust]fein einstellen
to tweak sth.an etw.Dat. reißen
to tweak sth. [coll.]an etw.Dat. feilen [fig.]
to tweak sth. [coll.] [system, rules, text]an etw.Dat. herumdoktern [ugs.]
tweakKneifen {n}
tweakZwicken {n}
tweak [coll.]Frotzelei {f} [ugs.]
tweak [sl.]
Speed {n} [ugs.]
2 Wörter
to tweak (by)ziepen (an)
(minor) tweak [adjustment] (geringfügige) Korrektur {f} [Verbesserung, Justierung]
3 Wörter
to tweak the settings­
kleine Änderungen an den Einstellungen vornehmen
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  • The Barbarian and the Bard can only be played using a file tweak, as they were unfinished.
  • The production was initially slated for fall 2020, but was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Michelson and Brunsletter used the additional time to hold online previews and tweak their work.
  • All songs are cover versions in order to better tweak the music to fit with the game, to self-censor explicit lyrics, and to allow both male and female vocalists.
  • It is basically an SL-C3100 but with the newer 6 GB Hitachi micro-drive and another tweak to the case colours.
  • They attempted to tweak their existing processes to allow for radial manufacturing, thereby causing production and quality problems.
  • In January, 2023, PepsiCo reformulated Pepsi Zero Sugar to reduce caffeine, remove ginseng and tweak the sweetener system.
  • Additionally, many users found very simple ways how to tweak their pedelecs in order to overcome the pedaling sensor, making their pedelecs without further proper vehicle registration illegal.
  • Mercy uses a 128-bit secret key, along with a 128-bit non-secret tweak for each block.
  • The origin of the uštipci pastry is unknown. The word uštipci comes from the verb "uštinuti", which can be translated as "to nip, tweak or pinch".
  • Up until series six, the finalists can replace only one course dish of their own menus with a newer one. They can adjust or tweak other dishes but cannot completely change them.
  • Morgan continued to tweak the rules of the game until July 1896, where his sport was added into the first official handbook of the North American YMCA Athletic League.
  • Sites that use CSS with either XHTML or HTML are easier to tweak so that they appear similar in different browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.).
  • It is most often used for modifying weight maps for skeletal animation, to tweak the influence of individual bones when deforming surfaces around joints.
  • There are other text formats for UML modelling but PlantUML supports many diagram types and does not need an explicit layout, though it is possible to tweak the diagrams if necessary.
  • Officially there are two OMAC algorithms (OMAC1 and OMAC2) which are both essentially the same except for a small tweak. OMAC1 is equivalent to CMAC, which became an NIST recommendation in May 2005.
  • On January 29, 2021, Aziz Hasanain released a free and open-source jailbreak tweak called WebMessage for iOS 12 through iOS 14.
  • Mars orbit rendezvous was utilized in Austere Human Missions to Mars, a tweak of DRA 5.0.
  • Some other types of applications that need faster feature addition or tweak-and-run cycles (e.g. ...
  • Commercial antennas are generally designed to approximately match standard 50 Ohm coaxial cables, at standard frequencies; the design expectation is that a matching network will be merely used to ‘tweak’ any residual mismatch.
  • Wagner have described a generalized version of block ciphers called "tweakable" block ciphers.
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