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uber{prefix} [coll.]Mega- [ugs.]
uber{prefix} [coll.]Über-
uber{prefix} [coll.]Super-
uber{prefix} [coll.]Voll-
uber-richSuperreiche {pl}
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  • Himself, and "uber nerd" John Silverstine.
  • Network Ten describe Adam as being a tall, dark, handsome and uber-macho British backpacker.
  • In "Fortune" in 2015, Popcorn said "uber-cocooning, and now even bunkering" were becoming prominent because people had become "terrified" of world conditions.
  • The spotted ctenotus ("Ctenotus uber") is a species of skink found in Western Australia.
  • Since the early 1990s, the prefix "über-" or "uber-" has also frequently been used as a borrowing from German.
  • Uber was targeted for its alleged relation to Executive Order 13769, which has also been referred to as a "Muslim ban".
  • It is not possible to translate every English "uber" back into "über": for example, "uber-left" could not be translated into "Überlinks": a Germanophone would say "linksaußen" (literally "outer left", meaning a left-winger in either sports or politics).
  • It was described by Duane Byrge as inept, "contrived" and "uber-awful" in "The Hollywood Reporter".
  • The species name refers to the colouration of the forewing and is derived from Latin "uber" (meaning rich).
  • In interviews leading up to the release of this novel, Mitchell described this shared universe as an "uber-novel".
  • The Socket FT1 or BGA413 is a CPU socket released in January 2011 from AMD for its APUs codenamed "Desna", "Ontario", "Zacate" and "Hondo". The uber name is "Brazos".
  • Actor and director Giorgio Albertazzi nicknamed her the "Artistissima" (the "uber artist") because of her outstanding performances.
  • The show's producers calling the band 'uber talented'.
  • Dayan believes that Gotabaya is following a form of Sinhala-Buddhist ultra-nationalism which he has named ‘Gotabayanism’ which according to him is "part uber-Trumpian, part ‘Eastworld’, all uber-hawk".
  • But it doesn't even come close to describing his uber iconic status in north east India.
  • Christopher Douglas writes and directs the improbably long-running career of uber-thesp Nicholas Craig (Nigel Planer) whose autobiography "I, An Actor" was first published in 1988, and who has continued to appear on TV and onstage ever since.
  • "Uber eine eigenartige unter dem Bilde der Pseudoleukamie verlaufende Tuberculose des lymphatischen Apparates". Ztschr Heilk 1898;19:21–90.
  • Die Mitglieder des aus rechtlicher Notwendigkeit 2006 gegründeten Fördervereins "Mühlenmuseum Leiningerland Großkarlbach" und eine Gruppe ehrenamtlicher Helfer um den ortsansässigen Restaurator "Hubert Schneider" leisteten dabei unentgeltlich etwa 10.000 Arbeitsstunden im Wert von über 120.000 Euro, zusätzlich spendeten Bürger, Firmen und Vereine über 35.000 Euro.
  • He published his findings in a treatise on lymphatic tuberculosis, titled "Untersuchungen über Lymphdrüsen-Tuberkulose sowie über die damit verwandten und verwechselten Drüsenkrankheiten" (Studies on lymphatic tuberculosis, as well as its cognates and confused glandular diseases).
  • Kennedy International Airport, Uber was criticized [...] for not canceling its service and for allegedly [...] using the event to profit during a Taxi Workers Alliance protest.
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