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unconditional basic income <UBI>bedingungs­loses Grundeinkommen {n} <BGE>
ubi scale [Aspidiella hartii, syn.: Aspidiotus hartii]
Yamsschildlaus / Yams-Schildlaus {f}
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  • Zinc finger protein ubi-d4 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the "DPF2" gene.
  • and meditation on death place the song in the "ubi sunt" tradition.
  • The village of Torri is mentioned for the first time in a document dated in 1073 with the sentence: "Actum in castro ubi Ture dicitur" (Cais, "Contea di Ventimiglia").
  • The Mandailing classic of "daun ubi tumbuk" or mashed tapioca leaves, lush with bunga kantan, lemongrass and coconut milk flavor is a famous food among the Mandailing people.
  • The logo of Cayetano Heredia is a yellow shield with the words "Spiritus ubi vult spirat" from the Gospel of John on the sides.
  • The largest type of Malay rebana, the "rebana ubi", is widely used by people in east-coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu.
  • The Latin medical aphorism "ubi pus, ibi evacua" expresses "where there is pus, there evacuate it" and is classical advice in the culture of Western medicine.
  • A general feeling of "ubi sunt" radiates from the text of "Beowulf".
  • The bridge that was on the river has recently disappeared from the shield, but the motto remains: "parvus ubi pagus fuit Urbem jam alluit unda" meaning: "where there was a village, the river now waters a city".
  • A fundamental principle of South African law is expressed by the maxim "ubi ius ubi remedium" (...).
  • The basis of nutrients are made up of crabs and tapioca, which they call "ubi kayu".
  • In law, the use of the "argumentum e contrario" finds its footing in the Latin maxim: "ubicumque lex voluit dixit, ubi tacuit noluit" that runs as follows: If the Legislator wished to say something, he would do that expressly.
  • Ndegwu is bounded by the east by Orogwe, west by Okwukwu, north by Amakohia ubi and south by Irete.
  • Daun ubi tumbuk (Indonesian for "pounded cassava leaves") is a vegetable dish commonly found in Indonesia, made from pounded cassava leaves.
  • Catsby (캣츠비, RR: "Kaetcheubi", M-R: "K'aetch'ŭbi"): The main character of the series. He is usually carefree, but is often depressed, and sometimes prone to panicking.
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