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ADJ   unequivocal | more unequivocal | most unequivocal
SYNO definitive | unambiguous | unequivocal | ...
unequivocal {adj}eindeutig
unequivocal {adj}unzweideutig
unequivocal {adj}unmissverständlich
unequivocal {adj}zweifelsfrei
unequivocal {adj} [position]aufrichtig [Standpunkt]
unequivocal {adj} [support, assent, etc.]uneingeschränkt [Unterstützung, Zustimmung etc.]
unequivocal {adj} [evidence, proof]unzweifelhaft [Beweis]
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unequivocal evidencezweifelsfreier Beweis {m}
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in an unequivocal manner {adv}auf unmissverständliche Weise
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He was quite unequivocal about it.Er sagte es ganz klar.
He was quite unequivocal about it.Er sagte es ganz eindeutig.
to be unequivocal in one's support of sth.etw. rückhaltlos unterstützen
to be unequivocal in one's support of sth.etw. ohne Vorbehalte unterstützen
to take an unequivocal stand (on sth.) (zu etw.) eindeutig Stellung beziehen [Redewendung]
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  • Many believe that Pattee built the site in the nineteenth century, and no unequivocal pre-Columbian European artifacts have been found there.
  • Flamingos and their relatives are well attested in the fossil record, with the first unequivocal member of the Phoenicopteridae, "Elornis", known from the late Eocene epoch.
  • Nelson also noted that the Muslim Council of Britain released an unequivocal statement condemning the Paris massacre, while the Islamic Human Rights Commission had released nothing to that date.
  • In Euornithes, the earliest unequivocal example of secondary flightlessness is "Patagopteryx".
  • This did not amount to an unequivocal communication of his withdrawal from the scheme contemplated at the time he gave his assistance.
  • The property included was deeded to the present holders, lessors, who were now provided clear unequivocal title to the land.
  • The type and only unequivocal species is "P. piscatorum", known from mid-trunk segments.
  • "Leinkupal" is the only known unequivocal diplodocid from South-America and the youngest unequivocal diplodocid globally, the only known from the Cretaceous.
  • "Dale v Trustbank Waikato Ltd" is an often cited case in New Zealand cases regarding promissory estoppel, requiring that the promise must be unequivocal for this doctrine to be successful.
  • Authentic leadership, while having no formal or unequivocal definition, is a growing field in academic research. and papers have been retracted.
  • The large turnout of 88% of those registered resulted in an unequivocal victory for the Liberal Party. More importantly, the defeated Conservatives professed its willingness to abide by this outcome.
  • A waiver must also be clear and unequivocal. An equivocal statement is ineffective as a waiver and the police may not proceed with the interrogation until the suspect's intentions are made clear.
  • At the inquest following this event, the coroner was unequivocal. [...].
  • The site yields the earliest unequivocal evidence for the presence of early humans outside the African continent; and the Dmanisi skulls are the five oldest hominins ever found outside Africa.
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