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SYNO unambiguously | unequivocally
unequivocally {adv}eindeutig
unequivocally {adv}unzweideutig
unequivocally {adv}unmissverständlich
unequivocally {adv}zweifelsfrei
unequivocally {adv}ohne Zweifel
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  • Fee splitting and similar practices are considered unequivocally unacceptable for the medical profession in the United Kingdom.
  • The Sierra Club is "unequivocally opposed" to nuclear power.
  • As numerous Riodinidae genera have not yet been unequivocally assigned to a tribe, the genus list is preliminary.
  • As numerous ennominae genera have not yet been unequivocally assigned to a tribe, the genus list is preliminary.
  • Most researchers believe that presently this genus cannot be unequivocally assigned to either the Apodiformes or the Caprimulgiformes.
  • Spike shapes colored according to their assignment to different neurons. The blue trace could not be assigned unequivocally.
  • PAI was the first party in AOF to unequivocally demand independence from French rule.
  • Some sources erroneously claim that the pianist Vladimir Horowitz was born in Berdychiv. Horowitz's birth certificate unequivocally gives Kyiv as his birthplace.
  • As a corrective, the author also mentions unequivocally great military and naval commanders like Napoleon, Wellington and Nelson who were far from this personality type.
  • The editions of Cruquius contain material that scholars consider unequivocally ancient, so it is believed Commentator Cruquianus significantly predates the 16th century.
  • Pierre Courthion mentions "Parade" as "perhaps the sole work of 19th-century painting that unequivocally anticipates Cubism (and even Purism)".
  • To date, three "Peregrinella"-bearing limestones have unequivocally been identified as ancient methane-seep deposits using a combination of petrographic, stable isotope, and biomarker analyses.
  • The film received mixed reviews but Daniel Auteuil's performance was praised unequivocally.
  • While the adults are fairly nondescript, Chrysauginae larvae can usually be recognized unequivocally by the sclerotised ring around seta SD1 of the metathorax.
  • The Catholic Church unequivocally condemned communist ideology.
  • In February 2010, the ACF said unequivocally that Yar'Adua should transfer power to Jonathan.
  • Due to the great diversity of this subfamily, it is not unequivocally delimited yet.
  • Some Pyraloidea are still not unequivocally placed in a particular tribe or even family; among these, "Tanaobela" for example is sometimes assigned to the Pyraustinae.
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