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up until then {adv}bis dahin [bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt]
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Übersetzung für 'up until then' von Englisch nach Deutsch

up until then {adv}
bis dahin [bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt]
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  • Though retaining its two seats at the 2004 European elections, in a smaller field of 7 (Scotland up until then had 8 MEPs) the Scottish press and certain elements within the fundamentalist wing of the Party depicted the result as a disaster for the SNP putting further pressure on Swinney to resign.
  • During the time of the 1997 rebrand of the channel as N2 they had placed the Head of Schedule as "controller" of the channel. Up until then, the channel was run side by side RTÉ One under RTÉ Television.
  • The adoption by Seward Collins of its philosophy, or some trappings, in his publication "The Bookman" did something to tarnish it, in a way that external critics had up until then failed to do.
  • 76 oz sours tins that had been released up until then.
  • This was a general change of methodology, since the needs of applications had up until then meant that much of mathematics was taught by means of algorithms (or processes close to being algorithmic).
  • the biggest number up until then. The breakup of Yugoslavia meant that many new countries wanted to participate in the competition.
  • In the same year, the world premiere of PlayStation in Concert was organised at the Hall and it featured PlayStation game music from the 1990s up until then.
  • , making it the highest-grossing film in Hong Kong up until then.
  • Up until then, the town's character was mostly rural and agricultural.
  • At his home in Burbank in the summer of 1975 Wilcoxon first met his niece Valerie (1933–2017), the English daughter of his brother Owen with Dorothy Drew (sister of architect Jane Drew). Up until then he did not know that his brother, killed in 1940 during the Dunkirk evacuation, had any children.
  • Lacrosse, a sport that, up until then, had been dominated by white athletes.
  • He raised money for the department in large part by distributing standard time to cities and railroads. Up until then, correct time had only occasionally been sent from American observatories for public use.
  • This was expected, as he was not used to crowds up until then.
  • 3" had become the second best-selling game in Japan (non-bundled) up until then, after "Dragon Quest III".
  • The Survey concluded that one reason German production rose in so many areas was in part that the German economy did not go on a complete war footing until late 1942 and 1943. Up until then, factories had been on a single shift in many industries and the German economy was generally inefficient and not operating at full capacity.
  • Hokin in 1953, when they discovered that radioactive 32P phosphate was incorporated into the phosphatidylinositol of pancreas slices when stimulated with acetylcholine. Up until then phospholipids were believed to be inert structures only used by cells as building blocks for construction of the plasma membrane.
  • The National Museum of Saudi Arabia combined several collections and pieces that had up until then been scattered over several institutions and other places in Riyadh and the Kingdom.
  • in merchandise sales up until then.
  • Granatstein and Norman Hillmer found that a survey of Canadian historians ranked Bowell #19 out of the 20 Prime Ministers up until then.
  • The term martial science, or martial sciences, was commonly used to refer to the fighting arts of East Asia (Asian martial arts) up until the 1970s, while the term "Chinese boxing" was also used to refer to Chinese martial arts up until then.
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