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up-valley erosion [rare]
rückschreitende Erosion {f}
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Übersetzung für 'up-valley erosion' von Englisch nach Deutsch

up-valley erosion [rare]
rückschreitende Erosion {f}geogr.geol.hydro.
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  • Garur town spreads in a vast valley formed by glaciation and river erosion of Gomati and Garur Ganga.
  • is made up of cliff erosion and sea gulfs, sitting about a hundred metres above main sea level.
  • The Melka Kunture area is made up of valleys whose inner terraces resisted erosion.
  • The valley was originally not only made through glacial erosion but by the high pressure melting water which pushed its way beneath the ice.
  • Erosion of the clay underlay of the basalt plateau (cap) started to create a v-valley.
  • Active erosion in the nearby Karakoram Mountains has resulted in enormous deposits of sediment throughout the Skardu valley.
  • Kaziranga National Park's landscape is the creation of natural forces of silt deposition and erosion that has been effected by the river Brahmaputra over hundreds of years.
  • The pine trees greatly reduced erosion of the soft soil forming the steep hills in the Mangamahu valleys.
  • Subsequent erosion by glaciers and meltwater has exposed these dykes which give the impression that a giant hand has plastered gobs of lava onto the face.
  • The slopes are part of the transition zone between volcanic soil and granitic soil covering much of Southern Oregon and Northern California and are prone to significant periods of erosion and runoff during high-flow periods.
  • The resistant basalt layer suppressed erosion compared to the surrounding sedimentary rock layers, which suffered rapid downcutting from the action of the Colorado and the Gunnison rivers.
  • This causes erosion and the formation of valleys over time.
  • Since then, erosion and the advance and retreat of glaciers during the Ice Ages has worn down the mountains to their present proportions.
  • The erosion-resistant quartz has lasted to this day and can be seen in many places in the Taunus, but nowhere is it more spectacular than here.
  • Roots of these plants grow deep into the ground in order to connect to the groundwater in the soil and reduce erosion.
  • Tunnel valleys were formed by subglacial water erosion.
  • The Kurnell sand dunes have provided a cheap source of sand for the southern suburbs of Sydney but in the process of exploitation this area has been robbed of its character and the removal of vegetation has opened the way to erosion.
  • The island is subject to very high rates of coastal erosion due to the ice-rich nature of the underlying permafrost, and its surface heaves and rolls down its own hillsides from the effects of frost creep and solifluction.
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