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upward compatible {adj}aufwärtskompatibel [alt]
upward compatible {adj}
aufwärts kompatibel
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Übersetzung für 'upward compatible' von Englisch nach Deutsch

upward compatible {adj}
aufwärtskompatibel [alt]

aufwärts kompatibelcomp.electr.
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  • However, models were upward compatible and most were also downward compatible.
  • Over 40 years, Tandem's main NonStop product line grew and evolved in an upward-compatible way from the initial T/16 fault-tolerant system, with three major changes to date to its top-level modular architecture or its programming-level instruction set architecture.
  • There were no upward-compatible machines or computer architectures with multiple, differing implementations.
  • Ungrounded NEMA 1 plugs are still popularly used by manufacturers of small appliances and electronic devices because of the design's low cost and compact size, and they are upward compatible with modern grounded NEMA 5 receptacles.
  • PPDS has different levels of functions that are all upward compatible.
  • SBML is defined in Levels: upward-compatible specifications that add features and expressive power.
  • In addition to being powerful machines in their own right, they also offer the additional ability to run user mode PDP-11 code (thus the -11 in VAX-11), offering an upward compatible path for existing customers.
  • The design concept was for a single instruction set (ISA) that would be upward compatible across a series of CPU cores.
  • The ASCII upward-compatible UTF-8 format is used in text files, and these files are read to and from 8- or 16-bit characters internal to the program (the upper 128 characters of ISO 8859-1 are converted to and from UTF-8 format in text files even in an 8-bit character encoded program).
  • The initial part was 8259, a later A suffix version was upward compatible and usable with the 8086 or 8088 processor.
  • It is entirely written in an upward-compatible dialect of the programming language Oberon named Active Oberon.
  • The instruction set architecture (ISA) that the computer final version (SAP-3) is designed to implement is patterned after and upward compatible with the ISA of the Intel 8080/8085 microprocessor family.
  • A given BMC application suite simply runs on a given instruction set architecture (ISA) for ever, as along the ISA remains upward compatible.
  • The CDC 7600 "was designed to be machine code upward compatible with the 6600, but to provide a substantial increase in performance".
  • The architectures are binary instruction upward compatible from ARMv6-M to ARMv7-M to ARMv7E-M.
  • The architecture employed a 48-bit word, stack, and descriptors like the B5500, but was not advertised as being upward-compatible.
  • This means that the kanji set is the most widespread non-upward-compatible character set in the world; it is counted as one of the weak points of this standard.
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