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NOUN   an upward curve | upward curves
upward curvesteigende Kurve {f}
upward curveaufsteigende Kurve {f}
upward sloping curveansteigende Kurve {f}
upward yield curveaufsteigende Renditekurve {f}
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  • His fingernails grew in a peculiar upward curve, a fact that influenced his playing style and tone.
  • The producers were happy to have started well, survived the ratings lull in the middle, and ended with an upward curve in the last two weeks.
  • But the club was now on a definite upward curve, its youth side lifting the Welsh Youth Cup and MacWhirter League title in 1997, and the senior side gaining promotion to the First Division in 1998.
  • During his service as attorney general, Anaya oversaw an investigation of the upward curve in the level of drugs in the Penitentiary of New Mexico after 1972.
  • Dogs who have tails tend to have an upward curve in the tail, which is called the sickle tail.
  • With one hand on the outside and one on the inside, the potter's hands would press together and form the upward curve of the hydria.
  • The CFL ends the 20th century on a continued upward curve.
  • It is easily separated from the squirrels in the field by the shape and color of the tail and the upward curve in which it is held when walking about.
  • The total area of the aquifer forms roughly the shape of a slight upward curve and approximately measures 160 miles east to west at its furthermost boundaries and 80 miles north to south at its widest section.
  • At this point, the building's adaptive reuse potential is either an upward curve or a downward curve which can determine whether the potential is high, medium or low.
  • In the pitched roof is a slight upward curve.
  • The tail is long and carried low, with an upward curve at the end.
  • ” He felt it put the business on an upward curve.
  • Compared to other dicynodonts, "Sintocephalus" is distinguished by the thickness and upward curve of its temporal arch behind the eyes.
  • They have skinny and compressed heads and the bottom jaw is elongated with an upward curve, known as a duckbill-shape.
  • with diverging rays, a laurel branch spans the width of the obverse from right to left passing under the sickle's handle in an upward curve, along the lower and right circumference, a ribbon bearing the relief inscription "VETERAN OF LABOUR" (...).
  • no upward curve at the eaves, and purely decorative logs called "chigi" (vertical) and "katsuogi" (horizontal) protruding from the roof's ridge.
  • ... 4 kN in conventional pianos), bridge agraffes may also help preserve the crucial upward curve, or "crown," in the soundboard.
  • They have a slight upward curve, so that the bubble naturally rests in the center, the highest point.
  • At the end of the in-run is the "kicker", an upward curve to permit the jumping necessary for the relevant sports.
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