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to look upwardnach oben blicken
upward look [glance]Aufblick {m}
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Übersetzung für 'upward look' von Englisch nach Deutsch

to look upward
nach oben blicken

upward look [glance]
Aufblick {m}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Within a crowd, there are all bald heads facing upward to look to the sky or where the finger is pointing.
  • Emerging drunkenly from the precinct, Flaherty and Dundee look upward upon hearing bells and see Corwin ascending into the night sky.
  • The postero-median eyes look directly upward, and their field of view overlaps somewhat with that of the postero-lateral eyes.
  • ... by having the patient look upward for about 60 seconds).
  • Many games, such as first- or third-person shooters, have a setting named "invert mouse" or similar (not to be confused with "button inversion", sometimes performed by left-handed users) which allows the user to look downward by moving the mouse forward and upward by moving the mouse backward (the opposite of non-inverted movement).
  • The most common movements people report triggering a spinning sensation are tilting their heads upward in order to look at something and when rolling over in bed.
  • A tank commander can conceal the tank by using "hull down" approaches to going over upward-sloping hills, so that she or he can look out the commander's cupola without the distinctive-looking main cannon cresting over the hill.
  • Bits look similar to a twist drill or end mill; some cut on the upward twist, and some cut downwards.
  • After one denticle fully grows, a bulge begins to form on the lower posterior margin of the element, and gradually grows upward until the denticle fully develops.
  • The Grand Prix was essentially a toe binding rotated on its side so it released upward instead of to the side, allowing release when the ski caught or was forced up toward the skier.
  • He shot an arrow upward from Kunnathoor. The shaft reached Parassini where the Parassini Temple stands today.
  • Intarsia patterns are almost always given as charts (which, because of the mechanics of knitting, are read beginning at the lower right and continuing upward).
  • The tower's "upward spiral" is intended to mirror one's relationship with God.
  • A gold rod featuring 23 different life-sized Oscar statuettes spiraling upward was placed at center stage.
  • The scale width tapers in the upward direction of the hair to the next scale ring.
  • Males of both species have long horns, which point upward and slightly back, curling in a corkscrew shape.
  • To differentiate between the two more clearly, the Oxford University Press and the Early English Text Society extend the uppermost tip of the 'yogh' into a little curvature upward.
  • The superior and inferior "articular processes" are well-defined, projecting respectively upward and downward from the junctions of pedicles and laminae.
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