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used glassAltglas {n}
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Übersetzung für 'used glass' von Englisch nach Deutsch

used glass
Altglas {n}
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  • Most of the commonly used glass types are highly resistant to UV radiation.
  • During this period Chinese mainly used glass to produce two distinct types of objects, polychrome eye beads and monochrome funerary objects Most beads have a monochrome glass body covered by several layers of coloured glass.
  • One aspect of the problem is that the original pavement was an attempt at being "green", and incorporated crushed used glass bottles as part of its aggregate.
  • He used glass plates until 1914, when he switched to film.
  • Borosilicate glass is a widely used glass for laboratory apparatus, as it can withstand chemicals and temperatures used in most laboratories.
  • As the glass program grew, so did Littleton's work and reputation as an artist who used glass.
  • Many other cameras were used, some of which used glass photographic plates that produced images that had to be cropped in order to fit the postcard format.
  • Scientific studies of locomotion and gait have used glass floors to enable views from all angles.
  • Stephenson's design also allowed better light output as it used glass to surround the flame, which cut out less of the light than Davy's, where the gauze surrounded it.
  • The process of fitting the action to the stock is called "bedding", and there are a number of different processes used. "Glass bedding" uses a fiberglass composite which is molded in place around the action.
  • He primarily used glass negatives emulsified with silver nitrate.
  • He carefully used glass mosaic tiles as decorative features in planter boxes to provide each apartment with its own individual features whilst maintaining the uniformity of the whole building's aesthetic.
  • For these images he often used glass negatives as these had short exposure times allowing a high level of detail.
  • At that time he was using a hand-held 4×5 Auto-Graflex that used glass plate negatives.
  • This used glass fibre panels moulded off an original World War II Willys Jeep and fitted to a chassis with Ford Anglia 105E mechanical parts.
  • Most cameras like this used glass plates. The lens did not come equipped with a shutter; instead, the lenscap was removed and replaced to control the exposure time.
  • Bronze mirrors were themselves preceded by mirrors made of obsidian (volcanic glass), found across the Middle East.
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