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used goods {pl}gebrauchte Ware {f}
used goods store
Secondhandladen {m}
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Übersetzung für 'used goods' von Englisch nach Deutsch

used goods {pl}
gebrauchte Ware {f}

used goods store
Secondhandladen {m}comm.
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  • Grey market goods are often new, but some grey market goods are used goods.
  • With the development of Internet markets for used goods, used but reliable kiteboarding equipment has become much less expensive, significantly reducing the barrier to the adoption of the sport.
  • This area offers Souq al-Juma which is a Friday market that sells many things such as furniture, clothes, animals, new and used goods, and much more.
  • There is some limited freight traffic, with Elgin retaining a goods yard, whilst Keith, Huntly and Inverurie retain smaller, less frequently used goods yards.
  • In 2018, Royal Trinity Hospice shops collaborated with food writer Jasmine Hemsley on a collection of pre-used goods as part of the Love Not Landfill campaign, funded by the London Waste and Recycling board.
  • Some habitual thieves are so well known to police that if the thief were to attempt to sell any used goods, this would quickly draw the attention of law enforcement.
  • Primarily operating on reselling used goods, Amoeba has survived the decline of CD sales since the early 2000s with its trade-in program and the advent of the vinyl revival.
  • These groups are usually set up by a number of consumers who cooperate in order to buy food and other commonly used goods directly from producers or from big retailers at a price that is fair to both parties.
  • Used goods mean any item of personal property offered for sale not as new, including metals in any form except coins that are legal tender, but excluding books, magazines, and postage stamps.
  • A collection of new and used goods, with a prominence of food stalls spread out on the side streets and pavements, this vibrant market is filled with a diverse range of stallholders.
  • Ganas runs three stores under the name "Every Thing Goes" that are dedicated to the re-use and re-sale of used goods.
  • She paid off the rest of her debts by selling used goods on eBay and saving money that she earned from her job.
  • Since the FairTax would not tax used goods, the value would be determined by the supply and demand in relation to new goods.
  • Secondary passenger locomotives had the same livery, but instead of gilt lining chrome yellow paint was used. Goods engines were gloss black with double vermilion lining.
  • This is often thought of in terms of a range, with the low point being the wholesale value of the used good, in the case that the pawnshop is unable to sell it to pawnshop customers, and they decide to sell it to a wholesale merchant of used goods.
  • Instead, they are each given a notebook by the Haibane Renmei, the pages of which they use as scrip to pay for food and used goods.
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