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NOUN   a utensil | utensils
utensilsUtensilien {pl}
utensilsGeräte {pl}
2 Wörter
(dental) utensils {pl}
Instrumentarium {n}
(eating) utensils {pl} [Am.]
Besteck {n}
cleaning utensils {pl}Putzzeug {n}
cooking utensilsKüchengeräte {pl}
cooking utensilsKochutensilien {pl}
cooking utensils {pl}Kochgeschirr {n}
kitchen utensils
Küchenutensilien {pl}
kitchen utensils {pl}Küchengeschirr {n}
kitchen utensils {pl}
Küchengerätschaft {f}
laboratory utensils
Laborgeräte {pl}
office utensilsBüroutensilien {pl}
plastic utensils {pl} [Am.]
Plastikbesteck {n}
small utensilsKleinutensilien {pl}
writing utensilsSchreibgeräte {pl}
3 Wörter
washing of utensilsBesteckspülen {n}
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  • The use of dishes, serving utensils, and ovens may make food "treif" that would otherwise be kosher.
  • A partially overlapping category of tools is that of eating utensils, which are tools used for eating (c.f. ...
  • Melamine resin is often used in kitchen utensils and plates (such as Melmac). Melamine resin utensils and bowls are not microwave safe.
  • Therefore, a campaign encouraging the use of reusable dining utensils in primary schools was called by the council on 30 April this year.
  • Traditionally Kinners use utensils made of brass and bronze. Modern influences have included the introduction of Chinese crockery, and utensils made of stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Cast-iron utensils and crock pots were commonly used in the oven.
  • Bamboo is frequently used for cooking utensils within many cultures, and is used in the manufacture of chopsticks.
  • The Special utensils (名物 "meibutsu") are historic and precious Japanese tea utensils (茶道具).
  • Farber and his son, John Farber, co-founded OXO, a manufacturer of kitchen utensils and housewares.
  • In Judaism, Hagalah is a method of making utensils suitable for use with kosher food by immersing utensils in boiling water.
  • Over time, traditional utensils have been modified in various ways in attempts to make eating more convenient or to reduce the total number of utensils required.
  • Slavery, colonization, trading and the introduction of western education were all factors that contributed to the gradual under-utilisation and elimination of the traditional utensils.
  • In 1912, the United States Marine Corps who would adopt WearEver aluminum utensils as their standard issue utensils.
  • It is said that when pilgrims dropped a paper listing of required utensils in this pond, the utensils were received from the pond and used by the pilgrims.
  • the various utensils used with the altar are enumerated.
  • Utensils used with PTFE-coated pans can scratch the coating, if the utensils are harder than the coating; this can be prevented by using non-metallic (usually plastic or wood) cooking tools.
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