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valuation theory
Bewertungs­theorie {f}
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Übersetzung für 'valuation theory' von Englisch nach Deutsch

valuation theory
Bewertungs­theorie {f}math.
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  • van der Waerden, Oscar Zariski and André Weil developed a foundation for algebraic geometry based on contemporary commutative algebra, including valuation theory and the theory of ideals.
  • Related fields are the theory of moment problems, convex optimization, the theory of quadratic forms, valuation theory and model theory.
  • In the valuation theory department of economics, the Transactional Asset Pricing Approach (TAPA) is a general reconstruction of asset pricing theory developed in 2000s by a collaboration of Russian and Israeli economists Vladimir B.
  • Self-confrontation psychology is based on two theories which are valuation theory and dialogical-self theory.
  • David Kent Harrison (6 April 1931, Massachusetts – 21 December 1999, Barnstable, Massachusetts) was an American mathematician, specializing in algebra, particularly homological algebra and valuation theory.
  • Aversion to happiness can be thought of as a specific example of "ideal affect" (described by affect valuation theory), whereby cultures vary in the extent to which they value the experience of different emotions.
  • Because of this aspect, valuation theory, Rees algebras and integral closure are intimately connected to multiplicity theory.
  • Specialization as an idea is applied also in valuation theory.
  • Nagata's original proof used the older terminology of Zariski–Riemann spaces and valuation theory, which sometimes made it hard to follow.
  • He also made contributions to class field theory and valuation theory.
  • He has made major contributions to algebraic geometry and commutative algebra, specifically to singularity theory, multiplicity theory and valuation theory.
  • In valuation theory, the ramification theory of valuations studies the set of extensions of a valuation of a field "K" to an extension field of "K".
  • After a thesis in mathematical logic, his early work was in field theory and valuation theory.
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