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NOUN   value added tax | -
added value taxMehrwertsteuer {f}
value added tax <VAT>Umsatzsteuer {f} <USt.>
value added tax <VAT>Mehrwertsteuer {f} <MwSt., MWSt.>
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Value Added Tax Act [in Germany]
Umsatzsteuergesetz {n} <UStG>
value added tax law
Mehrwertsteuergesetz {n}
value added tax rate
Umsatzsteuersatz {m}
value added tax rate
Mehrwertsteuersatz {m}
value added tax refund
Umsatzsteuervergütung {f}
value-added tax increase
Mehrwertsteuererhöhung {f}
value-added tax increase
Mehrwertsteuer-Erhöhung {f}
value-added tax reduction
Mehrwertsteuersenkung {f}
value-added tax revenue
Mehrwertsteueraufkommen {n}
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to have the value-added tax refunded
sichDat. die Mehrwertsteuer zurückerstatten lassen
system of value added tax
Mehrwertsteuersystem {n}
value added tax identification numberUmsatzsteueridentifikationsnummer {f}
Value Added Tax Identification Number <VAT ID>
Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer {f} <USt-IdNr.> <UID-Nr.>
value added tax identification number <VATIN> Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer {f} <UST-IdNr.> <UD>
value added tax on input
abzugsfähige Vorsteuer {f}
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  • The Special Supplement to National Insurance Benefits Law of June 1969 established a special supplement for those not entitled to supplementary pensions, and the Law on Compensation Supplement to National Insurance Benefits of December 1969 introduced a supplement to compensate for the introduction of a value-added tax system.
  • One of the key documents within this family is the Cross Industry Invoice (CII) which functions primarily as a request for payment, used as a key document for Value Added Tax (VAT) declaration and reclamation, for statistics declarations and to support export and import declarations in international trade.
  • In 1987, he was forced to resign after he attempted to introduce a value added tax to reduce the burden of direct taxes in a policy designed to cut the budget deficit.
  • The Correa government increased a value-added tax and implemented a plan to further cut government expenditures after cutting capital expenditures by 30%.
  • The prices are lower because the value-added tax is lower and excise taxes are either lower (e.g. ...
  • Customs in Italy takes additional 22% VAT (Value-added tax) for goods imported from outside the European Union even if the VAT is already paid to the origin country sender.
  • In December 2006, a Norwegian court ruled that striptease is an art form and made strip clubs exempt from value added tax.
  • Taxation systems such as a sales tax or value added tax can remove the tax component when goods are exported and apply the tax component on imports.
  • Bush, unsuccessful attempts to introduce a value-added tax to medicines and to build an airport in Texcoco, and a diplomatic conflict with Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
  • , six countries in Europe apply higher value-added tax (VAT) rates to vegan plant milk than to cows' milk, which pro-vegan activists have called discrimination.
  • Since governments also resolve commercial disputes, especially in countries with common law, similar arguments are sometimes used to justify a sales tax or value added tax.
  • Therefore, Svalbard has a lower income tax than mainland Norway, and there is no value added tax.
  • 5% and a value added tax of 2.2–8.5%. Most visitors come from mainland France, Canada and the US.
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