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value added taxesUmsatzsteuern {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'value added taxes' von Englisch nach Deutsch

value added taxes
Umsatzsteuern {pl}
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  • Domestically it had to deal with the peak of the counterculture but it was able to implement several major social reforms to education, social security, the introduction of value-added taxes and it had to deal with several crises involving Moluccan nationalists.
  • On the other hand, reduction of income and value added taxes increase the amount of disposable income that individuals direct to consumption and investment expenditures.
  • This differs significantly from value added taxes.
  • Contrary to indirect taxes such as value-added taxes, direct taxes can be adjusted to the ability to pay of the taxpayer according to his status (income, age...).
  • In 2005 the PA collected approximately $34 million per month from taxes and other charges, while Israel collected about $75 million per month in tariffs on foreign imports and value added taxes (VAT) on Israeli goods and services and on average retained about $15 million for the payment of water and power bills of Palestinians, while forwarding the other $60 million to the PA.
  • Instead, it wants to lower value-added taxes.
  • 2 months later, she applied a cut on value-added taxes to reach more competitive prices and aim for an aggressive international development despite the US-China trade war going on.
  • The move to value added taxes, under which almost all transactions are taxable, has diminished the significance of the distinction.
  • The Kerala Value Added Tax Act (KVAT) 2003 was the governing act for Value Added Taxes in Kerala. Kerala Value Added Tax (Act 30 of 2004) came into force on 1 April 2005.
  • As globalization eroded the efficiency of conventional taxes such as value added taxes, various Latin American countries applied new taxation levied on bank transactions.
  • The destination principle is a concept of international taxation which allows for value added taxes to be retained by the country where the taxed product is being sold.
  • The government has offered additional incentives including exemption from value added taxes and waiver of lease rentals for the first seven years once the airport is operational.
  • 1 million to the state in unpaid value-added taxes.
  • Numerous organizations have been set up to reform tax systems worldwide, often with the intent to reform income taxes or value added taxes into something considered more economically liberal.
  • Thus, he concluded that the Law represents a socio-political policy trend rather than a true economic law and that the trend could change rapidly if value-added taxes are imposed at the federal level.
  • A permanent establishment (PE) is a fixed place of business that generally gives rise to income or value-added tax liability in a particular jurisdiction.
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