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value-add propertyAufwertungs­objekt {n}
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Übersetzung für 'value-add' von Englisch nach Deutsch

value-add property
Aufwertungs­objekt {n}
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  • In response to a line of questioning about the Mako's subsequent removal as a drivable vehicle during an interview in 2010, Hudson explained that the team thought of the first game's Mako missions as a "value-add", in that the Mako is a "totally supplementary" option added by the developers when in fact, they did not need to.
  • Tanoto was forced to work with a general who gave his blessing and was quickly convinced of the mill's potential after seeing the completed factory, with Tanoto citing the potential value-add to Indonesia's economy and the creation of new jobs.
  • While still responsible for the safety of passengers, the PSS is also in charge of delivering customer service and a number of value-add functions on the train including ticket inspections and manning the cafe alongside Passenger Attendants.
  • Some farms market "You-Pick" for orchards, such as the tradition of Apple picking in North America, as a form of value-add agritourism.
  • com also offered a pre-release value-add, where those who ordered "Joyride" ahead of street date could stream the "Runaway Train EP".
  • com also offered a pre-release value-add, where purchasing fans could stream the "Runaway Train" EP.
  • Finance and insurance as a group provide more value-add to the economy than any other economic activity in Victoria while health care and social assistance employ the most workers.
  • Consumers making mobile purchases can also receive value-add upselling services and offers.
  • In another model, the wholesale ISP does not route any end-user traffic, and needs only provide AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) functions, as well as any value-add services, like email or web hosting.
  • During the early 1990s Tech Pacific transformed itself from a value-add distributor to a broadbase distributor and the business again began to grow significantly.
  • The Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map (ITM) launched by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) aims to grow the industry's value-add by $4.5 billion and create more than 5,000 new jobs by 2025.
  • People could buy the bills at face value, add a first class stamp (at the time 13 cents), and have the combination postmarked to show they were the first day of issue.
  • Emmanuel College claims that its students, taught as part of a mixed, non-selective comprehensive school, perform significantly above all value-add measures and their academic results have placed the College amongst the highest ranked schools in England for the past ten years.
  • The shares are given in exchange for a value-add by an employee or director.
  • Not only do foreign multinationals pay 80% of Ireland's corporation tax, and pay 50% of all Irish salary taxes using the same metric; in 2016, they were 57% of all Irish non-farm OECD value-add (see "multinational economy").
  • Double the value to the left side of the radix, using "octal" rules, move the radix point one digit rightward, and then place the doubled value underneath the current value so that the radix points align.
  • Value added selling is one of several sales techniques that relies on building on the inherent value of a product or service.
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